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I seem to be the only person who thinks these things about Lucario (Archived)zeatwo23/1/2014
If dianicie had either pain split/drain punch and play rough it might have been (Archived)gamepimp1263/1/2014
What Other Mega Legendaries Would You Like To See In Future Games? (Archived)Spade21X43/1/2014
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Rate the Pokemon games (Archived)leonboutas93/1/2014
Will You Be Watching Pokemon On Netflix? (Poll)Spade21X93/1/2014
Nostalgia Creep (Archived)
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can someone help me trade my shiny noibat from my pokemon x version to my y? (Archived)
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How many hours have you played? (Poll)
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What would you do if someone had a genesect or lucario or whatever on their team (Poll)LightningAce11103/1/2014
Garchomp is overall the best "non-uber" pokemon?! (Archived)
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I don't get it when people say "I'm an old school player" (Archived)LightningAce1143/1/2014
Which type needs to be powered up the most? (Poll)Mikokiri73/1/2014
Aside from that punk who leaked the event pokemon does anyone have them yet? (Archived)tremain0763/1/2014
There sheould be a "Red's Pikachu" (Archived)
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Which method of changed water routes would you like in the remakes? (Poll)Biased_Gamer73/1/2014
Cofagrigus's new model looks different (Archived)RatheV73/1/2014
So I put the walkthrough through gizoogle. (Archived)ssb_master33/1/2014
Mewtwo feels left out (Archived)
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Bold Mismagius set? (Archived)vinhamon13/1/2014