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Can Lotad learn Giga Drain by breeding (Archived)TidalFloood52/28/2014
Are Dual Screens viable in 3v3 Singles? (Archived)FoundAUsername82/28/2014
What's your opinion on gen'd Wish Chansey with perfect spreads? (Archived)
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So does Diancie get Geomancy/Oblivion Wing or no? (Archived)Orosuke52/28/2014
What do you guys think of this Pokemon idea? (Archived)Gamefaqsora82/28/2014
anyone miss the times when you could tell what animal and type a pokemon was ? (Archived)
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Lets make the strongest pokemon ever. (Archived)
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Beta Competition Rankings up (Archived)SirRobX12/28/2014
Physically defensive Mega Mawile (Archived)wwwgippal282/28/2014
At full health, Mandibuzz can take a +2 Mega Lucario Close Combat (Archived)kclaujames102/28/2014
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Leftovers & Focus Sash (Archived)ItsVickerz22/28/2014
Yay I've just bred a shiny Honedge. (Archived)
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Worst imaginable type combination (Archived)
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question about dragon type pokemon (Archived)
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Are BP items useless as trading fodder now? (Archived)sonic230772/28/2014
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question about fairy type pokemon (Archived)GTthunder92/28/2014
Does Battle Maison enforce Item Clause? (Archived)Lowerarchy22/28/2014