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No Wi-Fi for DS and Wii (Archived)Tuoko102/27 12:35AM
Should I give a salt vest to Rhyperior? (Archived)
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Doctor_Spanky132/27 12:29AM
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good nature for Aerodactyl? (Archived)mj_webb52/26 11:43PM
Is it possible to get the blue gastrodon with it's hidden ability? (Archived)
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ToborTheRobot192/26 11:39PM
No more Pokegen! (Archived)
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spealfan444332/26 11:05PM
What's Swampert capable of? (Archived)toon_link_34682/26 10:48PM
would you die for your pokemon game if it came down to it? (Archived)mj_webb102/26 10:48PM
Vivillon's Powder (Archived)PokemonYoutube52/26 10:46PM
Is the story in White 2 worth going back for? (Archived)iCurious32/26 10:38PM
ability capsule on hidden natures (Archived)itsmeaustin32/26 10:35PM
Hax I Say! (Archived)
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MjnMixael122/26 10:31PM
You dont use Smogon Rules, what rules do you use? (Archived)
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Dat_Shiny222/26 10:18PM
''You can't battle with your locked Battle Box.'' (Archived)
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-Unowninator-192/26 9:54PM
Smogon can't even beat Bibarel so they ban it. (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon122/26 9:51PM
I have two 5IV Joltiks but I'm not sure what to do with the second move set? (Archived)Chenmaster272/26 9:50PM
do you think they will add pokemon "surrogacy" to the newer games? (Archived)
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mj_webb242/26 9:47PM