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So, can the west receive Diancie yet? (Archived)Rupin_Salesman62/27/2014
So, where is the meta at right now? (Archived)
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lmao megakhan is always the #1 used poke to beat everything else (Archived)
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More people should play battle spot rated. (Archived)UltraKangaskhan82/27/2014
A wild shiny Diancie appeared with four Scizors! (Archived)
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Pokemon Theme based Team (PTBT) No.2: Street Fighter (Archived)
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So is Diancie a brand new pokemon? (Archived)Pupu2742/27/2014
YR: 6th gen pokemon gts (Archived)Mikej11982/27/2014
Is there some kind of popular troll strategy with Nosepass? (Archived)
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Cloning! (Archived)Leomagic3232/27/2014
Duskull vs Shuppet (Poll)CubeTheLwNoob72/27/2014
How did a Chandelure outspeed Greninja?? (Archived)
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DoubleO Zero112/27/2014
I figured out the hard way that you can't use Knock Off on Mega Stones (Archived)
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do you think they should get rid of all trade evolutions for future pokemon game (Archived)
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Favorite Battle Music choice? (Poll)qbicfeet62/27/2014
Diancie event (Spoilers) (Archived)360pages42/27/2014
Diamond storm is so cool (Archived)
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Need some input on the 5th member of my team. (Archived)illusivedude72/27/2014
What's a TSV? (Archived)srzg52/27/2014
Why I think the game is going to have to be patched for the Diancie release (Archived)Puppyfaic82/27/2014