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You're reaction: Pokemon Bank comes 2 weeks from now. (Archived)
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Ballinari132/4 6:33PM
Which of these Pokemon would actually work well in a team together? (Archived)Darkside_8432/4 6:30PM
It amuses me when people make fun of Celebi's false swipe move. (Archived)84Mantines82/4 6:29PM
What are the odds of... (Archived)Twixers32/4 6:29PM
What is Goodra's favorite piece of clothing? (Archived)Silent_Nexus82/4 6:23PM
Best Clefable moveset? (Archived)wah54342/4 6:17PM
Question about hacked Pokemon through the Pokebank (Archived)ZeldaxHyrule62/4 6:14PM
Pokemon Bank won't come out for North America until the transferring of Box 1 is (Archived)BalloonBattle0532/4 6:14PM
So 4 Abilities got improved for Gen IV (Archived)Turbo_TRex62/4 6:09PM
Are encounter probabilities affected by which version you play? (Archived)blue_man22/4 6:07PM
People who have PokeBank. Does Pokecheck pokemon make it through? (Archived)
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DaNewTrick212/4 6:06PM
Why does nintendo let showdown exist? (Archived)
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TheSteelPhoenix142/4 6:04PM
Bellydrum Linoone, Play Rough over Shadow Claw? (Archived)
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Kapuxa162/4 6:04PM
Did you get a 3DS because of Pokemon X/Y? (Archived)
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BurnedPotatoes232/4 6:04PM
is ninendo adamant to piss off their playerbase? (Archived)
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Faust21220332/4 6:02PM
Question about pokebank. (Archived)Absolutezero9332/4 6:02PM
so a topic about hacks (Archived)
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SAP_The_Bull262/4 6:00PM
Bank coming out in certain locations (Archived)Gibly92/4 6:00PM
Sap Sipper Swampert (Archived)jbnoob82/4 6:00PM
Why I'm not complaining about US and Canada not getting Bank (Archived)DrakJay42/4 5:59PM