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Everyone's hawlucha is named "nacho" (Archived)
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gna647292/8 12:38PM
I can see them branching into multiple mega evos for Pokemon. (Archived)F1areaGaman72/8 12:36PM
Colloseum Beasts can't be traded with GTS (Archived)Phoenix600022/8 12:22PM
Would this be a good set for Zoroark? (Archived)navi85412/8 12:20PM
I absoluley love Porygon-Z (Archived)
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DrakJay112/8 12:18PM
Mewtwo w/ Selfdestruct?? (Archived)JayBiGs8692/8 12:15PM
Is Belly Drum Snorlax good for Double Battle Maison? (Archived)gamefatty32/8 12:06PM
Which Pokemon have multiple 4X weaknesses? (Archived)
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Lightflame1062/8 12:04PM
Which is the best way to go? (Archived)3i33le2382/8 12:03PM
Why o' why Shadow Ball? (Archived)Tacanacy92/8 12:03PM
Question about Egg Moves (Archived)
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HandshakeGuy132/8 12:02PM
Modest Octillery (Archived)TehLizardKing42/8 12:01PM
Yveltal: If I die, you all die with me! (Archived)kokobeng1000012/8 12:00PM
trading starter pokemon early in the game (Archived)Crimson Flames52/8 11:54AM
Light Screen halves Psytrike/shock damage? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger72/8 11:54AM
If the sequel/third version has a challenge mode.... (Archived)Nightcrawler6522/8 11:43AM
Cursepert Help (Archived)EMarsh36962/8 11:38AM
Pokedex Completion Questions (Archived)shinexcel82/8 11:37AM
Think there is anything left to discover in X&Y? (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform332/8 11:37AM
Mega Pinser is criminally overlooked (Archived)
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M1Astray212/8 11:35AM