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Machamp used fire blast! (Archived)
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Marchioness Fiona, the white Furisode Girl at the Battle Chateau... (Archived)
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Chaosmaster00142/25 12:42AM
YR: Pinch Berrier(ex: Petaya) gives a +2 boost (Archived)DemiseEnd22/25 12:27AM
Slaking Supports. (Archived)
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Jaricko162/25 12:14AM
Does anyone use Scrafty any more? (Archived)Gameandwatch252/25 12:06AM
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Detective missions???????????!?! wtf?! i love it! (Archived)Rempha42/24 11:36PM
one celebi per 3ds? (Archived)GoodOlJr52/24 11:35PM
What do visiting pokemon do? (Archived)Xiocamie62/24 11:33PM
What should my Ev spread be for protean greninja? (Archived)
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sockrox162/24 11:31PM
Is James Movesworth of I-See News insane? Like, seriously. (Archived)Shigmiya6442/24 11:30PM
I am the very best (Archived)Muffinz0rz52/24 11:24PM
How to EV train my modest sylveon? (Archived)
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bladedwraith112/24 11:09PM