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When breeding, which power item passes down the Speed IV? (Archived)illusivedude32/16 12:46AM
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Does anyone here read Pokemon Special? (Archived)
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YamiJustin202/16 12:24AM
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Pretty proud of my efforts. (Archived)Trainer_Lukas22/16 12:19AM
So I've captured 6 shinies this week... (Archived)
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CrazyLikeAPhox122/16 12:19AM
Would it be too OP to have someone that activates Gravity by switching in? (Archived)
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TC9834122/16 12:16AM
Focus blast missed 5 times in the row (Archived)
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ArcXenos192/16 12:05AM
Dunno what it is about Gigalith (Archived)Reptobismol52/16 12:00AM
Didn't even realize I hatched a shiny... (Archived)
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gxmaster282/15 11:52PM
A random number generator plays Pokemon (Archived)SalsaSavant52/15 11:48PM
Arceus is more like Divine Snorlax (Archived)fedartz52/15 11:29PM
Wifi Disconnecting (Archived)
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Flaring-Nova112/15 11:26PM
So I had a guy D/C against me earlier today because i had 2 leftovers users... (Archived)kabigon2032/15 11:26PM
Need help with building a team with certain restrictions (Archived)
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zelionx122/15 11:07PM
Most likely a dumb question but it doesn't hurt to ask, which Yveltal is better? (Archived)SteaIth_Rock12/15 10:54PM