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Even with everyone using bank legends (Archived)pikachuboy722/9 5:02AM
How good would Aerilate Noivern be? (Archived)
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PokemonYoutube282/9 4:59AM
Tropius joined us in a snowball fight (Archived)
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Lightflame672/9 4:51AM
super fang receives recoil from life orb (Archived)kadabrium12/9 4:51AM
Going to start recording pokemon (Archived)corspefenn12/9 4:47AM
Why is there a blue dot on my game icon? (Archived)Milennin42/9 4:42AM
Basculin sucks (Archived)
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iKhan88172/9 4:34AM
Help with Special Wall/Tank (Archived)Grkd13112/9 4:30AM
post ur stats if u were a pkmn (Archived)fakefire102/9 4:22AM
I wish Tropius had the ability Flame Body (Archived)
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HHDeception112/9 4:16AM
What set could I use for a Calm Sylveon? (Archived)gg13272/9 4:15AM
High Priority PokeBank 'Mons? (Archived)deoxyscyclone92/9 4:08AM
Greatest challenge in this game (Archived)That_one_42/9 3:57AM
asian player (Archived)ggvtp52/9 3:49AM
I just had the best game ever on ranked doubles. (Archived)SkittyOnWailord22/9 3:41AM
Probably a stupid question (Pokegen related)... (Archived)TheSnubbz22/9 3:40AM
I was feeling a little generous, and a little tipsy... :) (Archived)The Steel Phantom52/9 3:38AM
So.. I broke bank... (Archived)
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jmeistermcjable942/9 3:31AM
help me evolve Scyther? (Archived)DarthTempus22/9 3:29AM
I still think Noivern is the coolest sixth gen 'mon (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform112/9 3:29AM