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ITT, Your opinion on: Most Badass Pokemon Name, Abillity and Move (Archived)
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XcaIIion322/1 11:50PM
Can anyone make sense of this super training reward thing? (Archived)OshawottGuy432/1 11:48PM
Would the fastest way to get through the game be to just use the given starters? (Archived)endergamer537102/1 11:46PM
Trevor looks too much like a girl. (Archived)
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davidledsma232/1 11:37PM
What are your favorite things about Pokemon X and Y? (Archived)KokoFlow52/1 11:36PM
Pokemon you feel should get a certain move (Archived)
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Dante2049602/1 11:35PM
How valuable is a Zapdos with Heat Wave and Tailwind? (Archived)sonic230782/1 11:34PM
About shiny pokemon (Poll)
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Tatan_93112/1 11:32PM
...There's no mall! (Archived)waterdeepchu102/1 11:31PM
how to get shiny stone? (Archived)AIien80332/1 11:31PM
So how is the in-game battling? The random battling? On this board? (Archived)
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XxOblivion77112/1 11:28PM
Please rate my team :) Looking for ACTUAL advice (Archived)
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TheZestyAlex202/1 11:28PM
Sylveon is a beast! Showdown Replay (Archived)
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Hierarchy225132/1 11:25PM
What type of team should I make with... (Archived)Feliaria22/1 11:23PM
What's the last thing Pokemon used a Master Ball on? (Archived)
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DKU_Arich132/1 11:22PM
created a non shiny 6iv bank legendary topic on the trade board gone in 10 secs (Archived)LeviathansWake42/1 11:15PM
How can people hate Slurpuff? (Archived)
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Meta289202/1 11:12PM
After further review Iron Head is a total waste of a moveslot on Garchomop (Archived)
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zelionx132/1 11:11PM
OMG! So lucky! (Archived)
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navi854122/1 11:07PM
A *serious* bank related topic. (Archived)waterdeepchu102/1 11:05PM