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Does King's Rock stack with move flinch chance? (Archived)
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Can I keep legendaries signature moves and still be competitive? (Archived)YamiJustin82/13/2014
Anyone know how LV 50 Scaling/Speed ties work? (Archived)MLaw3k52/13/2014
C/D- on easter, every egg you hatch should be a shiny (Archived)
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Archeops is a Dragon (Archived)
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King rock question (Archived)rayoflightning52/13/2014
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omg just hatched a shiny honedge! (Archived)KyrieIrving42/13/2014
Name Pokemon you used before they were cool. (Archived)
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YR: if new games are announced, they aren't Hoenn Remakes (Archived)
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What do you think of these Rock and Ice Buff (Archived)DemiseEnd62/13/2014
Any way to get Giga Drain on the Bank Celebi? (Archived)Puppyfaic22/13/2014