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Is Tropius any good? (Archived)
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Gamefreak should punish rage quitters (Archived)wwwgippal292/13/2014
Diancie has Clear Body (Archived)
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Legit AR pokemon (Archived)GRankbowhunter82/13/2014
Pokemon needs a huge gameplay change (Archived)
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What if these Pokemon had a Mega Evo? (Archived)Brandon04248742/13/2014
Best egg moves for calm natured Chikorita? (Archived)ridleyslayer2342/13/2014
Cloning actually corrupted my data (Archived)Sami1892/13/2014
XY Poll #6: Which Cave do you like most? (Poll)TrainerAura82/13/2014
So is the only thing to do with HA Infernape? (Archived)kagenoronin8762/13/2014
What pokemon do you want a mega-evo for? (Archived)
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Can't transfer Bisharp? (Archived)hkhunter4792/13/2014
This is why I use Slowbro (Archived)Xynaxus6412/13/2014
All right, I just caught my first Shiny! (Archived)
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Our partners in Multi Battles look weird (Archived)
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mech dragon112/13/2014
Transforming into a pokemon with a mega evolution (Archived)Samurontai42/13/2014
Umbreon is without a doubt the worst pokemon of all time. (Archived)
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If there were a Light/Holy-type, what would be its strengthens/weaknesses? (Archived)
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Total pokemon in an offline playthrough (Archived)Makatak21222/13/2014
Need Help Evolving a Scyther! :] (Archived)lime1122022/13/2014