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Honestly, are the fighting Trio and weather Trio useful? (Archived)Watmanwat102/13/2014
Here's what annoys me.... (Archived)
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Adamant Samurott Ev spread help.... (Archived)MickyMage8732/13/2014
Offensive Espeon's fourth move? (Archived)gkathellar102/13/2014
Pokemon Bank question. (Archived)Alex_isonfire62/13/2014
Anyone else having more fun than expected with poke bank? (Archived)Rave_Pimp12/13/2014
Which Pokemon have you been most proud of breeding? (Archived)
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If you could rename the fairy type... (Poll)
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Stop using the term "legit" for a Genned Pokemon (Archived)
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Why can't I download Pokebank? (Archived)
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does anyone else show off there pokemon in passerby trades (Archived)
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BATTLE FORMULA of Future Pokemon Games: Realistic vs. Same Formula (Poll)Rayquaza48792/13/2014
ITT: post Showdown replays that people with short attention spans can watch (Archived)kaonohiokala72/13/2014
Are you guys still inconsistent? (Archived)Kisai62/13/2014
I personally don't care at all for shinies. (Archived)Byxis772/13/2014
Can you hook up multiple games to a single Pokebank? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor52/13/2014
So I want to use a Noctowl so bad... (Archived)hodelino92/13/2014
YR Umbreon gets Giga Drain and/or Drain Punch as a tutor move in Z (Archived)gkathellar102/13/2014
Do you expect future main series Pokemon games to be announced at Nintendo (Poll)Chenmaster222/13/2014
Accidentally hatched a shiny Oddish. What should I evolve it into? (Archived)
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