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Quick breeding question. (Archived)
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iWub_SQuiRtlEz151/21 2:20PM
Pokemon's in real life. (Archived)
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Second_Hokage291/21 2:19PM
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Officially have access to every Pokebank Pokemon! (Archived)King_of_Flan41/21 2:08PM
Who is your favorite/least hated Kalos rival? (Poll)
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davidledsma211/21 2:01PM
I'm not getting Rating Battles. (Archived)Kraven_XRLKB51/21 1:59PM
When trying to catch a Pokemon... (Poll)
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Brewster123301/21 1:59PM
Digital Y, Physics X, one 3DS, can I trade with myself? (Archived)iammaxhailme91/21 1:57PM
is Articuno considered a regular pokemon? (Archived)
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WeaponXfactor221/21 1:55PM
Need some help about getting older legendary Pokemon (once Pokebank opens) (Archived)Ryo_Hayakawa31/21 1:55PM
Name those in Pokemon who have gone through significant character development (Archived)Luca_Knight81/21 1:54PM
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whats a good mkanga counter? (Archived)
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YoyokuKO231/21 1:48PM
What set do you run for Mega Gardevoir? (Archived)gkathellar41/21 1:47PM
YR: A new ground type move... (Archived)
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reversereality121/21 1:44PM