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Such a waste (Archived)PsychoDongYi52/13/2014
I admit, the Arceus event from HG/SS finally made me like him (Archived)
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Protip: If you're going to use a team of legendaries to battle with online... (Archived)
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I assume if I use an Action Replay to unlock the Arceus event in D/P... (Archived)
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They should just put a forfeit counter in online battles (Archived)Oreos7422/13/2014
Should I get rid of my sword dance on my rapid spin excadrill? (Archived)Oreos7452/13/2014
One monkey two monkeys 3 monkeys! (Archived)Odalmannen102/13/2014
Question about Sawsbuck (Archived)Dante204932/13/2014
Wonder Trade is definitely impressive. (Archived)MacBookAir52/13/2014
I got a tutored Conkeldurr, need help though... (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer22/13/2014
How to Make Someone Mad.. (Archived)
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God, Diancie is so ugly. (Archived)
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Dat Mega Kangaskhan (Archived)BRUNO-CHUCKY42/13/2014
Battle with my IRL friend. Suggestions? (Archived)LightSprite32/13/2014
my 85-streak in the maison ruined by..... (Archived)
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Alternate forms to collect? (Archived)
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what are the odds? (Archived)Glass_Bear82/13/2014
I think that Diancie and Carbink have a relation, but it's... (Archived)
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Guys help with Masuda Please! (Archived)Fliptwix52/13/2014
Dear God. I can't breed anymore. I just can't. (Archived)
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