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Can Male pass down HA when breeding with a Female of the same type? (Archived)GillianSeed2392/10 7:35PM
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Which gen did it the best? Day 62 - Land routes (Poll)
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ThatKipp132/10 7:20PM
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Do You Like Emboar? (Poll)
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Greatest/Easiest way to get PP Up/ PP Max? (Archived)jakenlucas72/10 7:03PM
Where is our 6th gen prince? (Archived)LKeshish102/10 7:02PM
Why was gen IV so popular? (Archived)
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Dondogz142/10 7:01PM
Why is Trevenant so popular right now? (Archived)
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CrystalKing5426142/10 6:58PM
What does Bisharp check? (Archived)Lightflame42/10 6:57PM
sending pokemiles from bank to game? (Archived)
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GothoritasRCute122/10 6:56PM
can event pokemon get pokerus? (Archived)nintendork81722/10 6:56PM
Post your Battle Videos (Archived)Brandon04248732/10 6:54PM
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Belly drum azumarril? (Archived)astrangeone62/10 6:49PM
New sim: Pokebattlelive (Archived)
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SalsaSavant342/10 6:44PM
Well, Battle Maison finally made me do the unthinkable. It made me train a... (Archived)
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CakeOfLies112/10 6:43PM
I wish you could catch every single pokemon in one game (Archived)
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Look_A_Username122/10 6:43PM