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Probat Team (RMT) Could use some help! (Archived)
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Cuppa_Ace132/11 7:53PM
Am I the only one kind of disturbed that we can inbreed our Pokemon? (Archived)
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achimed192/11 7:51PM
I think mega blaziken is gamefreak's way of..... (Archived)
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mistrfantasy262/11 7:44PM
PokeBank available in US? (Archived)
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Jrsteg132/11 7:44PM
Anybody else miss the dark pulse song? (Archived)
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deidara21172/11 7:42PM
What hits harder? Specs Espeon or Protean Greninja@Expert Belt? (Archived)King_of_Flan92/11 7:34PM
I love nidoking's type coverage (Archived)Oreos7452/11 7:31PM
There's an EV reset drink? (Archived)mech dragon62/11 7:26PM
Huh after looking over the pokedex and the only 2 pokemon you can't see... (Archived)kazooie95962/11 7:24PM
GTS_Question (Archived)Ethanb900102/11 7:24PM
There should be an ability like Strong Jaw that increases power of tail moves. (Archived)Mean_Beanie22/11 7:18PM
They gave Genesect Shift Gear and not Metagross? (Archived)
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kirbydude385202/11 7:17PM
xD Gale of Darkness Lugia (Archived)
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Kite_G142/11 7:17PM
Is it just me (Archived)Sloth923032/11 7:11PM
Haxorus is ballin' in UU (Archived)kaonohiokala32/11 7:10PM
What would compliment this team/strategy? (Archived)antiheroforhire82/11 7:07PM
Was just on TV tropes, and I read about another 14 berries. (Archived)
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Sloth9230172/11 7:04PM
I like using mega perrish gengar against legendary team kids (Archived)Oreos7432/11 7:03PM
Best nature for a Sylveon, and level to evolve Eevee at? (Archived)Person482/11 7:02PM
Would Burn status increase Contrary Malamar's attack? (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr42/11 7:02PM