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there should be an o-power that increases the odds of finding shinies. (Archived)
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Now this was a good ol' time. (Archived)jmeistermcjable32/12/2014
Imagine is Shuckle had Blissey's health... (Archived)
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Item for my Adamnant Unburden Sceptile to hold? (Archived)
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Concerning Slurpuff. (Archived)Keldonis12/12/2014
Just wonder traded a bunch of egg move Charmanders... (Archived)Samurontai32/12/2014
Trick Room Advice (doubles) (Archived)Inferno0572/12/2014
Was Sacred Fire always 95% accuracy? (Archived)Zelda_Aran42/12/2014
help me out with gliscor! (Archived)arumagesuto62/12/2014
Anyone else miss... (Archived)
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Fixing 006-0501 (Archived)NT-1_Alex22/12/2014
Some dude just traded me s (Archived)
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omg I just had the best idea ever for Pokemon Z (Archived)rampardosrules22/12/2014
How do you counter Rotom-W... (Archived)
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What do you do for certain faces in Amie? (Archived)Reptobismol102/12/2014
YR: Mega Stones become Key Items and... (Archived)DarkerGrey92/12/2014
Are there any Trainer Battle themes that you can't out of your head? (Archived)Thaxagoodname92/12/2014
Good Assault Vest Users (Archived)
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How to get DD Charmander? (Archived)
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PSA: I'm Wonder Trading a crapton of 4, mostly 5 IV Japanese Poochenya (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram42/12/2014