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Competitive Pokemon = "Poker"mon? (Archived)Mr_Snorlax198672/10 7:40AM
The feeling when you hatch/catch a shiny. (Archived)
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Willawesomeness162/10 7:40AM
Egglocke, Bug Edition, donations needed! (Archived)n00berson52/10 7:36AM
How much is Pokerus Pokemon worth in trades? (Archived)FoundAUsername102/10 7:28AM
Praying that genesect will be banned. (Archived)
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Jmandal312/10 7:27AM
Stupid question wrt Gen 3 Pokemon (Archived)DemiseEnd22/10 7:25AM
Where can I go check which pokemon are banned from Rated Play in game? (Archived)BIGEggman52/10 7:22AM
Would you hug Mr. Mime? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant222/10 7:16AM
Passerby trades are the ****ing worst (Archived)
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gna647252/10 7:14AM
What Egg moves should I use for Quagsire? (Archived)kazooie95932/10 7:04AM
How do I get my BP from Bank? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname222/10 6:51AM
What do you do to keep yourself "alive" during long MM/Safari Sessions? (Archived)
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GatedSunOne192/10 6:47AM
Question about abilities and breeding. (Archived)achimed22/10 6:35AM
Did you have any issues transferring Pokemon? (Poll)
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sonictrainer222/10 6:04AM
If you could change one thing about Pokemon, what would it be? (Archived)ThatKipp82/10 6:00AM
This is the Pokemon you have to share a bunk bed with in college... (Archived)
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TooManyVowels1092/10 5:58AM
Nature and EVs for this Venusaur? (Archived)deoxyscyclone92/10 5:48AM
next pokemon game. they should add fusion pokemon (Poll)Run_2_the_Hills92/10 5:47AM
Azumarill needs to go to Ubers. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity102/10 5:35AM
Problem with TRU Arceus... (Archived)HopesNo1Fan62/10 5:27AM