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Why do you hack? (Archived)
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Planning in breeding a spiritomb but which would be better it's hidden ability (Archived)setokaiba40022/12/2014
Would you think its a good idea to set up a Gamefaqs Pokemon League? (Poll)
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Isiah Zombie872/12/2014
Azumarill and play rough (Archived)Second_Hokage102/12/2014
Do you think they'll ever put Triple battles in the Anime? (Archived)Turbo_TRex62/12/2014
Is it easier to RNG a Ditto in B/W, or Gen IV? (Archived)Godstriker852/12/2014
How do stat decreases work? (Archived)Ghetsis42/12/2014
Azumarill got buffed this gen (Archived)Doctor_Spanky62/12/2014
When is shininness on an egg exactly determined? (Archived)
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How do people make their teams so fast? (Archived)
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Looking for Vivillon! (Archived)GoomyGoomyGoom22/12/2014
The sadness. Overwhelming. Clutchbird failed (Archived)drlolimaster102/12/2014
what is a good nature for Inkay/Malamar? (Archived)mj_webb42/12/2014
Mega Butterfree should look like this: (Archived)TooManyVowels32/12/2014
Question on soft reseting zekrom for Pokebank (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob92/12/2014
Got some luck with Critical captures! (Archived)pokemonpokemon462/12/2014
Cute Valentine's day cards from the official Pokemon fan page on Facebook (Archived)
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GTS economy is so effed up (Archived)wwwgippal2102/12/2014
I'm so mad right now... (Archived)hodelino82/12/2014
I want Mega Yanmega (Archived)DarkDragon386102/12/2014