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Move tutors should be Included in vanilla games. (Archived)
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Jmandal182/3 3:36PM
What if Pokemon got moves that changed on evolution? (Archived)Sloth923052/3 3:34PM
Wow. what... Interesting maintenance. (Archived)
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waterdeepchu222/3 3:34PM
5iv pokemon bred with 6iv ditto (Archived)burningfire5222/3 3:33PM
Charizard is a dragon (Archived)
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iKhan88602/3 3:30PM
Scolipede moveset help? (Archived)TheCAWWItachi72/3 3:30PM
I caught a shiny Sandslash! (Archived)Osumnis92/3 3:21PM
Why do all the kids in this game use Mewtwo/Box legends/Blaziken? (Archived)
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Hydreigoon142/3 3:20PM
Persian moveset? (Archived)Jkickit102/3 3:19PM
I'm gonna name my Sawk Marshawn Lynch and my Throh Russel Wilson, then beastmode (Archived)Jarred62372/3 3:16PM
Pokemon of the Year - Nomination Topic (Archived)
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ThePokeMan98382/3 3:12PM
What if Deoxys got a special item... (Archived)Virtua1ity52/3 3:12PM
Need some advice (Archived)ShadowChaos14052/3 2:58PM
Global Link is down..!..? (Archived)
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dr_sub_lime172/3 2:49PM
[rnghatesme] was breeding a 6iv ditto with a HBDS litwick (Archived)kadabrium32/3 2:47PM
Looking to make a offensive F/D/S Core, any suggestions (Archived)gamepimp1262/3 2:46PM
Now that GameFreak is down a composer, they should totally hire Tsukasa Tawada. (Archived)ChapFromKrugis72/3 2:37PM
Would U-Turn and Volt Switch still be used if they were given -1 priority? (Poll)
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wrightreyesrock112/3 2:35PM
Espeon w/dual screens? (Archived)lastreplicant82/3 2:34PM
Magic Bounce Espeon (Archived)jbnoob42/3 2:25PM