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Weird Clone/Trade Board Logic? (Poll)
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Reshiblue201/28 5:27PM
What did you name your ferrothorn (Archived)
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giants9281141/28 5:24PM
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What is the most efficient way to Masuda method (Archived)
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What Gen1 Pokemon has improved/weakened competitively the most in 6 gens (Archived)
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Irvine Tomoe211/28 5:14PM
I find it pointless (Archived)
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ssjlucario141/28 5:13PM
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Is Empoleon still viable? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage111/28 5:07PM
Wow, I was fighting super OP (Archived)gofghxg51/28 4:58PM
Smogon can't even beat mega lucario so they try to ban it (Archived)
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ElectricPorygon891/28 4:55PM