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Whats inside the powerplant? (Archived)joetendo69102/10/2014
The RNG gods have won (Archived)
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What are some moves that you never knew existed until recently? (Archived)
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so the Battle Maison can have 2 of the same pokemon but I can't? (Archived)
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People who play with Smogon's rules, do you use your favmon in Competitive? (Archived)
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If you have trouble sleeping... (Archived)giants928152/10/2014
Favorite uncommon Pokemon to use for battling? (Archived)TheGolgi52/10/2014
What would happen if STiNG entertainment made a Pokemon game? (Archived)GangstaLizard9552/10/2014
What if magician got changed into... (Archived)ArcXenos62/10/2014
New ability:halls (Archived)yoshirulezzz22/10/2014
So I'm thinking of making a challenge for myself... (Archived)TheForevergelo82/10/2014
Anyway at all I can make Zebstrika great? (Archived)Taimanin_Asagi12/10/2014
New ability: walls (Archived)LightningAce1192/10/2014
East Sea / West Sea Gastrodon (Archived)tdsr42/10/2014
Ampharos-mega ampharos (Archived)LJx1952/10/2014
Woohoo! First shiny! (Archived)PhoenixPrince92/10/2014
what would happen if a pokemon game made a pokemon game (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami32/10/2014
What would happen if HAL Laboratories made a Pokemon game? (Archived)Muffinz0rz62/10/2014
What would happen if iKhan88 made a Pokemon game? (Archived)Fuddles80622/10/2014
YR: Lucario's Aura Storm from Smash Bros. becomes a new move. (Archived)
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