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ITT: Clefairy is very significant. Whoever can figure out why will receive: (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz672/9 9:52PM
150 central kalos dex question (Archived)
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sniperhit112/9 9:52PM
any way to check if a pokemon is in the kalos dex? (Archived)joemillionare22/9 9:51PM
Ubers battle with Kanga doing what she does best (Archived)
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deidara21122/9 9:49PM
Mega Infernape! (Archived)Sloth923042/9 9:41PM
Question About Getting Unaware on Clefable (Archived)SenorPascal32/9 9:40PM
I just caught a 5 IV Mewtwo, Speed IV is poo-poo. Should I keep? (Archived)Sol_FZ102/9 9:39PM
Pokemon Reborn! (Archived)Tobias_Darkrai82/9 9:35PM
Transferring Pokemon from BW is the most tedious thing on Earth. (Archived)
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forest_wanderer152/9 9:35PM
funny 1 turn battle (Archived)topidhai102/9 9:32PM
What's the Best Competitive Pokemon? (Poll)
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tempest_storm34122/9 9:29PM
List your favorite sets~ (Round 2) (Archived)deoxyscyclone62/9 9:23PM
Kangaskhan!!!!!! (Archived)BiGGYBaLLZ52/9 9:23PM
how well can PokeBank spot Hax? (Archived)
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CrystalKing5426162/9 9:22PM
EVs explained! PLEASE READ! (Archived)
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jayman72032/9 9:08PM
Why does this game mention a "South Korea" on passerbys? (Archived)SaintZetsu102/9 9:07PM
How are people searching up legendaries on GTS? (Archived)Plasma EXE32/9 9:07PM
Armaldo's eyes are what I thought were its ears. (Archived)R-A-V62/9 9:03PM
Mega Infernape (Archived)
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LightningAce11132/9 8:57PM
What's your favorite multi-hit move? (Poll)davidledsma92/9 8:55PM