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Why is Trevenant so popular right now? (Archived)
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What does Bisharp check? (Archived)Lightflame42/10/2014
sending pokemiles from bank to game? (Archived)
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can event pokemon get pokerus? (Archived)nintendork81722/10/2014
Post your Battle Videos (Archived)Brandon04248732/10/2014
So is it cool to use Sand Veil + BP Garchomp on a Sand Team?? (Archived)lime1122082/10/2014
Belly drum azumarril? (Archived)astrangeone62/10/2014
New sim: Pokebattlelive (Archived)
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Well, Battle Maison finally made me do the unthinkable. It made me train a... (Archived)
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I wish you could catch every single pokemon in one game (Archived)
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How do you even kill Porygon2? (Archived)KamariaK92/10/2014
Have any of you faced a Funbro online?and if you have,how frustrated were you? (Archived)
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Volcarona: Hidden Power (Archived)Grim71352/10/2014
New Generation Challenge (thanks to Pokebank release finally) (Archived)RichieL199112/10/2014
Something that's always bothered me. (Archived)Model_Omega52/10/2014
My Nuzlock run ends to Lysandre after catching Xerneas :( (Archived)
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To those who play in Japanese (Archived)Ruwalk52/10/2014
Battle Frontier or PWT? (Archived)firedude75072/10/2014
Pokebank Question (Archived)Puppyfaic12/10/2014
GTS question (Archived)Omega407062/10/2014