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If a greninja was hit with a stat effect, could it use protean to cure itself? (Archived)
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(T/F) Don't You Just Love... (Archived)123outerme12/11/2014
EV spread for Mega-Gardevoir? (Archived)hodelino72/11/2014
PokeBank corrupted my save file but, I got it back!(Digital Copy) (Archived)Firon14972/11/2014
Beat a team of Legends with a Milotic (Archived)RemembranceSky12/11/2014
NEED SHINY STARMIE! PLz (Archived)GameReviewer132/11/2014
How long was Team Rocket around in the games before the events of Gen 1 occured? (Archived)DarthNightmaric22/11/2014
The great question of our time: "How long is Choice Scarf?" (Archived)Rad_Dudesman62/11/2014
Which Nature for my support Pidgeot? (Archived)navi85412/11/2014
what's a good nature for pikachu/Raichu? (Archived)mj_webb22/11/2014
You think I could find some good Pokemon breeders on Angie's List? (Archived)andrewx7242/11/2014
Do you guys think Gamefreak has an end game for the pokemon series? (Archived)
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Specially Offensive Sylveon Build? (Archived)SteelPunk80882/11/2014
So after I've completed the 3 Kalos Dexses I only have to get the unobtainables? (Archived)navi85412/11/2014
Any good items to have Technician Breloom hold, other than Focus Sash? (Archived)InnerSolace42/11/2014
Made my online team, advise please. (Archived)Domino17171722/11/2014
Specially Defensive Arcanine help... (Archived)LegendofLink1762/11/2014
Your most loved pokemon? (Archived)
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Would this be a good competitive team? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Can someone recommend a good Pangoro set? (Archived)ridleyslayer2322/11/2014
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