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When you lose a multi-battle due to a partner's move.. (Archived)Blackcat012332/8 4:30PM
Bank locks on me because I failed to connect to server so one hour later (Archived)Heroicmoises12/8 4:25PM
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Bank/Dex question (Archived)Inferno70022/8 4:20PM
Wondertrade is ridicilous right now. (Archived)
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hodelino182/8 4:16PM
Out of all the avaliable natures, what are the good ones? (Archived)RemixDeluxe82/8 4:13PM
Breeding for Hidden powers (Archived)N-K-S32/8 4:12PM
What's the best thing a shiny can get you on GTS? (Archived)MegaVenusaur82/8 4:07PM
Pokemon Z Predict-list? (Archived)
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MarsheyG292/8 4:07PM
I'm confused about the EV spread for Gliscor (Archived)Godstriker832/8 4:04PM
more global link glitches maaybe? (Archived)ILAXSNORING32/8 3:56PM
smogon is banning every mega except houndoom, calling it (Archived)
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TipThatFedora472/8 3:53PM
Best Elite Four? (Poll)
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CrystalKing5426112/8 3:52PM
What games do I need to play for the most legendary pokemon? (Archived)MephistoXv82/8 3:48PM
I got swept by a Simipour lol (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger102/8 3:47PM
Shiny Legendary Blocks (Archived)Jesushazluv42/8 3:46PM
When did you first start coming to this board? (Poll)
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kirbydude385112/8 3:46PM
Sending out some adamant sniper skorupis on wonder trade. ^^ (Archived)Is_Corrupted12/8 3:46PM
How good is cofagrigus? (Archived)Caolan_2k9102/8 3:42PM
Vulpix breeding is ******** (Archived)MysteriousZ62/8 3:41PM