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Arcanine (Poll)
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Cahrizard Y EV training help? (Archived)Samurontai52/10/2014
Baby Pokemon in Friend Safaris? (Archived)
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Bwaaah...I can't stop breeding. (Archived)
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Typhlosion can egg move Flare Blitz?! (Archived)Blingya2592/10/2014
New level of trolling online (Archived)3DSRec82/10/2014
Hey everyone! Pokemon bank is out in the US! (Archived)
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Does the game detect what 2DS/3DS you're using to play? (Archived)Vivisqeq52/10/2014
I think my Y version may have fallen out of my pocket somewhere in public. (Archived)
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Shellos/Frillish Breeding for living pokedex (Archived)JelDeRebel32/10/2014
YR: All eeveelutions now get a gale wings equivalent for their respective type. (Archived)
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Lucario Moveset (Archived)Toughest42/10/2014
I wonder how people who say "Polka-mon" pronounce: (Archived)
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Do people honestly believe Mind Reader + Sheer Cold is a broken combo? (Archived)
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Showdown's Mono-type battlers are the worst I've ever seen. (Archived)RatheV102/10/2014
So what do you think could use a buff still? (Archived)
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Advice on making Custom Builds? (Archived)Mariofan4ever22/10/2014
YR: Archeops gets Speed Boost as a Hidden Ability (Archived)Biased_Gamer92/10/2014
Question about breeding Pokeballs (Archived)Nathbuds12372/10/2014
HP fire Eevee (Archived)mrwokawokawoka52/10/2014