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Anyone have any invigorating Malamar replays? (Archived)
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YR: New Ability= Ventriloquist (Archived)
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15 Pokemon including Kalos (Archived)PokeMaster21112/10/2014
What Should I Release on Wonder Trade This Saturday? (Archived)
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Sign here if you've never used Gale Wings Talonflame and you're proud (Archived)
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How many times do you have to use an O-Power to unlock the next level? (Archived)levyjl198822/10/2014
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Guy's Darkrai gets shut down (Archived)rldavis451212/10/2014
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Which is better? Breeding related (Archived)Sol_Apollo82/10/2014
Did you buy all the clothing options from the clothes stores? (Poll)
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Can these Natures be competitively viable? (Archived)TopStarRacer52/10/2014
What do you think of maylene? (Archived)djmetal77772/10/2014
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Clever nicknames / also rate my nicknames (Archived)
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Sylveon ev spread? (Archived)KaradurAtani22/10/2014
How do I get Hydro Pump on Bagon? (Archived)Vivisqeq102/10/2014
Just had an amazing battle online and got a Jirachi out of it. (Archived)KamariaK22/10/2014
Ash's pikachu in a nutshell (Archived)
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Decide my Shiny Eevee's Evolution (Archived)Highlygifted92/10/2014