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Pokemon creating help (Archived)
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MinakoEXE242/9 12:21PM
Can someone explain egg moves? (Archived)
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JNez08112/9 12:16PM
Is this a new discovery? I can nickname Pokegen'd Gen 5 Pokemon in Gen 6. (Archived)
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midnight443192/9 12:16PM
Is Draining Kiss ahold move for competitive battling? (Archived)Noctus3102/9 12:15PM
Ferrothorn Moveset, Stealth Rock or Toxic? (Archived)lime1122052/9 12:12PM
Rate my mega milotic idea (Archived)gamepimp1282/9 12:10PM
Breeding question (Archived)PokeMaster21182/9 12:10PM
(Classic Gen 1 Tournament) (Archived)
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Nathbuds123242/9 12:07PM
My team! (Archived)YoYoLeFtToRiTe32/9 12:07PM
Pokecheck question (Archived)
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Bugorchestra152/9 12:01PM
If there was a move that was like perish song but.. (Archived)Froakiebloke52/9 12:01PM
I always sit on Serena's bed to save my game (Archived)
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javel34212/9 11:59AM
Is DD Dragonite with Life Orb a good idea? (Archived)xoing99952/9 11:53AM
its funny how many people have their "legit" Pokemon blocked. :p (Archived)
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cardoor123 gf162/9 11:50AM
Pokebank: How Does It Calculate Pokemiles & Battle Points? (Archived)esoteric4232/9 11:50AM
How would you feel if Poke Transporter were available at launch as paid DLC? (Poll)ThatKipp52/9 11:50AM
If I transfer Duskull or Kecleon from the Dream World to X/Y, will their ability (Archived)
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-Unowninator-162/9 11:48AM
On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Critical Hits? (Poll)
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Rayquaza_is_Z182/9 11:46AM
Do I mix def/sp.def EVs on Eviolite Bold Porygon2? (Archived)dukevesper92/9 11:45AM
Does the gts in heart gold still work? (Archived)racing_fan_10112/9 11:43AM