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just bred a shiny tepig and cried (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob201/19 4:45PM
Delphox should have Aura Sphere (Archived)
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tremain07481/19 4:43PM
The most forgettable Pokemon and item in these games are... (Archived)IngSlayer101/19 4:42PM
I use a male Combee... (Archived)Ace8189231/19 4:34PM
Would Slaking + Pyroar + Entrainment be a good strategy? (Archived)Jigglybuff31/19 4:29PM
Whats more likely for a sequel? XY or RS or both? (Archived)ZombieTJ10151/19 4:25PM
Most "Female" looking of the fully evolved starters: GEN VI (Poll)FatReuniclus71/19 4:20PM
What did Bisharp actually gain this gen that means people hate it so? (Archived)
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SorceressTharja201/19 4:18PM
What Pokemon would you use on an all gen team? (Archived)
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ridleyslayer23151/19 4:17PM
Tyranitar can't learn knock off. (Archived)Chenmaster211/19 4:12PM
Battle Experts, WTF JUST HAPPENED?! (Archived)
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MegaSableye191/19 4:06PM
OREGON VGC Regionals being streamed on TWITCH by Nugget Bridge (Archived)IXAGamer21/19 4:05PM
Good Bisharp set? (Archived)jofotran2151/19 4:04PM
Remake Kanto, but with a different map, and much more of a story. (Archived)cocomunga61/19 4:04PM
Just bred a Shiny 5 IV Deino, IV of 1 in SpA, Modest Nature (Archived)
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TacoOfTheOpera211/19 4:02PM
Luxray: Ice Fang or Fire Fang? (Archived)
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Puppyfaic121/19 3:58PM
Pokemon R/S Remake or Sequel? (Archived)
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ZombieTJ101151/19 3:56PM
After hoenn and sinnoh are remade, will you be alright with no more remakes? (Archived)
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LightningAce11111/19 3:55PM
So how do you guys recommend I should go about getting a HP Rock Larvesta? (Archived)Destroyer_71361/19 3:55PM
Did you choose the wrong gender? (Archived)
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vanitas11131/19 3:55PM