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Seriously. Shiny Charm DOES NOT work in Friend Safari (Archived)hekifier102/2 10:05PM
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Do you think Flareon is cute? (Poll)
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OshawottGuy4182/2 10:03PM
So I managed to ev train my two noivern, azumarill and hatch a perfect mienfoo (Archived)Pokebank32/2 10:03PM
What judgements do you make when you see a certain pokemon on someones team? (Archived)
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pcmike2142/2 9:59PM
Flash Cannon worth it on Empoleon? (Archived)Xavuu62/2 9:49PM
What is one Pokemonn you love with a passion? (Archived)
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IngSlayer312/2 9:47PM
Play nice on Ursaring? (Archived)javel34102/2 9:41PM
Best Ferrothorn Nature? (Poll)-Raven92/2 9:41PM
Which evil team had the worst motivation? (Archived)
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SalsaSavant122/2 9:36PM
Any way to get Evolution Stones other than that stupid Super Training game? (Archived)
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NOM192/2 9:35PM
How viable is Roost on Weakness Policy Dragonite? (Archived)realestateman82/2 9:32PM
I was messing around on Showdown with a random team when this happened. (Archived)pokemonpokemon412/2 9:29PM
Can ability capsule switch an ability to the HA version? (Archived)zeldalord52/2 9:29PM
EV Training: HP or Defensive Stats? (Archived)Tempo61322/2 9:28PM
Venusaur!! (Archived)
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puritymx122/2 9:27PM
So, Nature Power... (Archived)davidledsma32/2 9:26PM
Who's the best Prankster? (Archived)
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Irnkman162/2 9:25PM
Who is your favorite Rotom Form design wise? (Poll)djmetal777102/2 9:24PM
Shiny Charm B****es! (Archived)Zeshen42/2 9:18PM