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Anything to brighten up the breeding process? (Archived)
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CookieMarvin281/11 12:27AM
Well, this is an interesting change (my first bred Shiny) (Archived)beebarb51/11 12:17AM
Your reaction: all Pokemon are now voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. (Archived)
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LightningAce11141/11 12:17AM
Pokebank News From Nintendo (Archived)
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Hero_Q8991/11 12:09AM
Butterfree and Goldeen have the same cries? (Archived)Muffinz0rz61/11 12:08AM
Nidoking move set ? (Archived)
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Fsas_drummer121/11 12:05AM
When in the World is Poke Bank comming out (Archived)
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Skettro331/10 11:45PM
Does anyone else use Vitamins or Super Training for in-game play? (Archived)iKhan8841/10 11:39PM
So... How many of you bother when arguing about Smogon on these threads? (Archived)
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TheEpicBro561/10 11:33PM
That hilarious moment when you beat a team of legendaries... (Archived)DarkLeemer101/10 11:31PM
Fast Revenge Killers with Priority? (Archived)
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chew_man3461/10 11:28PM
May I ask for suggestions for my doubles team please? (VGC rules) (Archived)Wenitzb51/10 11:25PM
Make me a team or two out of the following pokes. (Archived)Azure_Flame61/10 11:24PM
Just hatched a HP Fire Bulbasaur (Archived)Tales_of_10111/10 11:23PM
How do game saves work? (Archived)
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FSOP121/10 11:22PM
Is it weird that I think torterra is a hidden gem? (Archived)jolteonsock61/10 11:15PM
Is this a decent Xerneas? (Archived)aliashubbatch51/10 11:06PM
best nature for spiritomb? (Archived)Fidchel41/10 11:05PM
Best way to hunt for harvest Treveant? (Archived)javel3431/10 11:04PM
It's ironic isn't it? (Archived)bfidle91/10 10:55PM