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Just got a 2iv shiny spiritomb of WT (Archived)Adumigan22/8 2:31PM
People should use purugly (Archived)
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LightningAce11122/8 2:30PM
ITT we post pics of blatantly illegal things we've snuck past Bank. (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis692/8 2:29PM
National Dex Completed! (Archived)diaxe0522/8 2:28PM
How long do you have to wait if the server was interrupted to poketransfer? (Archived)legendxofxsky32/8 2:19PM
good counter for blaziken megaform (Archived)
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Ynara212/8 2:19PM
Mega absol question (Archived)Adumigan52/8 2:12PM
Why did this turn order occur? (Archived)joey1122352/8 2:11PM
Lets play a game that has nothing to do with Smogon (Archived)
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HHDeception212/8 2:10PM
If it was up to you, what are you going to vote to ban for the current Smogon OU (Poll)
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MrFingers07252/8 2:10PM
Thinking of breeding a Deoxys-S, is this a good set for it? (Archived)srzg52/8 2:09PM
Which Lati@s is going to be better competitively this gen? (Archived)alienhamster82/8 2:00PM
Query on Flower gift? (Archived)joey1122332/8 1:58PM
help wifi teambuilding? (Archived)detroitwillfall82/8 1:58PM
I feel like Gamefreak took a step backwards with the genders compared to B/W2. (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises212/8 1:56PM
How do you make a legit-looking Shiny Manaphy with Pokegen? (Archived)Bugorchestra72/8 1:53PM
Thundurus-I or Thundurus-T ? (Archived)meestermj52/8 1:51PM
Help With Chesnaught! (Archived)wookieworker8932/8 1:48PM
My Fabulous Journey!: A not-so humble Egglocke. (Archived)Puppyfaic72/8 1:43PM
Poke creator app (Archived)Beenabo72/8 1:43PM