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I love focus punch. Tyraniboahboah was loads of fun to use. (Archived)Chenmaster231/8 9:00PM
Arceus descends from the heavens and says he will change you into a pokegirl... (Archived)
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kabigon20911/8 8:55PM
I'm curious... (Archived)Number4321/8 8:51PM
Micro Evolutions (Archived)
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Lightflame141/8 8:50PM
Should Togekiss get Prankster? (Poll)Konyuna101/8 8:50PM
YR: Volcarona gets Magic Guard. (Archived)Blackcat012361/8 8:47PM
*sees passerby* "I accept all battles!" (Archived)CarefreeDude31/8 8:46PM
Counter to Deoxys-D? (Archived)OnlineBadAss61/8 8:46PM
When breading the Flabele line does the baby get the same flower as the mother? (Archived)XGeass61/8 8:46PM
New york truly never sleeps. (Archived)
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D0W0knu181/8 8:40PM
Ability Breeding Question (Archived)Ethanb90031/8 8:37PM
How can i get Skarmory to have stealth rock? (Archived)Coolkid58861/8 8:33PM
egg move recommendations for ES Dratini? (Archived)choicespec101/8 8:32PM
So what is your gender and what is the gender of your character in the game? (Poll)
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Safer_777891/8 8:32PM
Question About Vivillon Eggs? (Archived)chubimauk41/8 8:30PM
Do you think Valerie likes the rain? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger231/8 8:29PM
Whose bright idea was it to make Rain a Pain. (Archived)
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BackwardCap141/8 8:09PM
Playing on different 3DS's (Archived)MogMoogle141/8 8:09PM
Terrain implementation makes Skyla sad :{ (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger391/8 8:07PM
Where do I get shiny stone? (Archived)astrangeone41/8 8:06PM