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Why do some people still not get how Magic Bounce works? (Archived)
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Besides female Scythers, are there any other cannibal Pokemon? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z82/8/2014
What is Pokebank error code: 022-5540? (Archived)legendxofxsky82/8/2014
So I can't get mega blaziken anymore? (Archived)Straight_Cat62/8/2014
Trying With A Rain Team (Archived)ElectricSh33p32/8/2014
Pokemon worth having in reserve, i.e. tried and true competitive mons. (Archived)Quiet_Noise12/8/2014
Poke Transport win2013 keldeo problem (Archived)RATSERE4EVER82/8/2014
I would like to play a little game... (Free Shiny Contest) (Archived)
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Collecting the Pokemon Bank Gift (Archived)TheChronologist52/8/2014
It is okay to sell Pokemon to make money irl! (Archived)LegendEX82/8/2014
Fixed ugliest starter pokemon (Poll)
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Good Lead Greninja? (Archived)alienhamster102/8/2014
2 Pokemon Moveset questions (transfer-related) (Archived)Inferno0572/8/2014
I need help making an offensive Lopunny set. (Archived)Malimario9882/8/2014
Stone edge is not 80%. (Archived)Caolan_2k982/8/2014
YR: mega mewtwoy now has 140 atk but 150 speed. (Archived)kadabrium32/8/2014
Finally have my complete Living Pokedex! (Archived)Texas208992/8/2014
Just got a 2iv shiny spiritomb of WT (Archived)Adumigan22/8/2014
People should use purugly (Archived)
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ITT we post pics of blatantly illegal things we've snuck past Bank. (Archived)
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