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How would you feel of a pokemon/fire emblem crossover? (Archived)
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Oreos74211/25 11:11PM
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YR: The "Shadow" type from XD/Colosseum comes to mainstream games (Archived)
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Puppyfaic141/25 11:03PM
The reason why japan got Bank first is because they reached Enlightenment and.. (Archived)
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SageKabuto171/25 11:03PM
SRing for Zapdos..... Any tips? (Archived)
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sonic2307171/25 11:02PM
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Offensive Mega Kangaskhan EV spread? + Moveset? (Archived)jakenlucas31/25 10:54PM
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LF epic battle videos (Archived)
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Jyang927521/25 10:47PM
Where to Train? (Archived)RLutece51/25 10:43PM
does tone affect the pokemon you find? (Archived)Splinter_Within61/25 10:42PM
Which Gen of Pokemon had the best Music? (Poll)
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BackwardCap291/25 10:40PM
Competitive Shinies... (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone171/25 10:38PM
Fear Crocune! (Archived)Companion_Cube_71/25 10:35PM