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Am I the only one who thinks the rivals are idiotic? (Archived)ben10pokemon7991/20 5:49PM
Pichu should have its own unique ability. (Archived)Pictocheat31/20 5:49PM
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Want to give competitive battling a try. (Archived)
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TaCtiiCz_x211/20 5:46PM
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Question about previous games (Pokebank related) (Archived)FoundAUsername21/20 5:44PM
I did not realize how evil Gourgeist was. (Archived)themagicpainman101/20 5:43PM
How unstable is the Metagame? (Archived)
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barn0by111/20 5:42PM
How big is the risk that I might lose a Pokemon via cloning? (Archived)
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LagoonTheCursed141/20 5:39PM
Dammit, he set me up.... (Archived)YoyokuKO91/20 5:32PM
Where to find a Inkay with hidden ability? (Archived)
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enimagaK131/20 5:32PM
Give your favorite Pokemon another evolution (Archived)
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Luigi4President151/20 5:25PM
Word of warning... (Archived)
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jogglypuff471/20 5:24PM
Wtf is Nintendo doing with Bank? (Archived)
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RemembranceSky471/20 5:19PM
What if Dreamworld comes back with PokeBank, but... (Archived)Aurawhisperer11/20 5:18PM
Put a ditto up for a mew in GTS (Archived)javel3451/20 5:18PM
Is XY designed to be too easy? (Archived)
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ZombieTJ101151/20 5:16PM
Is one 6IV Ditto enough? (Archived)
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TheSnubbz141/20 5:16PM
They need to make a Pokemon based on a Japanese Spider Crab. (Archived)
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hekifier141/20 5:14PM
The Pokemon franchise will end within the next 4 generations. (Poll)
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sammyslammer221/20 5:12PM