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Mega Gyarados (Poll)TableFlip32/8/2014
RNGing Mewtwo, tips/advice? What nature should I get. (Archived)
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Why did they have to make the Bank and Transporter 2 different downloads? (Archived)-Unowninator-32/8/2014
Pokegen Legit Pokemon (Archived)
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Giving away 4 IV Pokemon on the GTS (Archived)AsianSuperman12/8/2014
communication with the other trainer was interrupted (Archived)moltres_rider32/8/2014
Getting a Gyarados with Moxie in X/Y? (Archived)FanMattai42/8/2014
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Should the standard pokeball be bright crimson red (Archived)kadabrium102/8/2014
Ummmm sooo, Scyther vs. Shiny Scyther (Archived)Muffinz0rz62/8/2014
HM question. (Archived)Don_of_Blades52/8/2014
Reminder: got crap in WonderTrade? (Archived)
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Confusing moves? Get rid of it. Sleeping moves? Get rid of it. (Archived)darealest4762/8/2014
When you lose a multi-battle due to a partner's move.. (Archived)Blackcat012332/8/2014
Bank locks on me because I failed to connect to server so one hour later (Archived)Heroicmoises12/8/2014
Rate my team please!! (Archived)genehayes22/8/2014
Bank/Dex question (Archived)Inferno70022/8/2014
Wondertrade is ridicilous right now. (Archived)
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Out of all the avaliable natures, what are the good ones? (Archived)RemixDeluxe82/8/2014