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Global Link Attractions: Balloon Popping Items (Archived)
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FuneralCake1331/17 2:22PM
YR: Next gen has no Normal-types whatsoever (Poll)
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Biased_Gamer111/17 2:22PM
...I guess there is one Plus on there not being any sandals in this game... (Archived)Celestial_Red41/17 2:17PM
We wind up getting all of the other Eeveelution types later on down the line... (Archived)TheSnubbz81/17 2:16PM
My great...easily countable strategy. Double nurse joy battle!!! (Archived)legendrider71/17 2:12PM
How long does it take to upgrade servers? (Archived)
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bfidle111/17 2:12PM
Why does Extremespeed have a priority of +2? (Archived)
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kclaujames321/17 2:05PM
There should be a Dinosaur type (Archived)
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jb08045151/17 2:00PM
Some questions regarding Mega-Khan (Archived)RedRiolu44751/17 1:56PM
help deciding which nature to have for electavire (Archived)hp_of_legend41/17 1:55PM
Suggest new Rotom formes (Archived)
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Hi-Ho-Diddly-Do381/17 1:50PM
IV Breeding Help (Archived)Ethanb90081/17 1:43PM
How many hours do you have on black and white compared to X and Y? (Archived)
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Second_Hokage151/17 1:39PM
Gengar, Blaziken, Mewtwo, Scizor, Lucario... really? (Archived)
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Heroicmoises261/17 1:36PM
How many hotels are in the game? (Archived)ReMaster8871/17 1:35PM
Trolling online battles tonight (Archived)WizardofHoth41/17 1:30PM
Whats with the Vivillon Fanatics? (Archived)Anthoba3211/17 1:25PM
What if Flareon got Speed Boost? (Archived)jb0804581/17 1:22PM
Why on God's earth does Dazzling Gleam exist? (Archived)
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SSBBSB161/17 1:19PM
Should they +Acc, -Dmg on Iron Tail? (Archived)DigiDude7741/17 1:15PM