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Can someone explain to me what IVs are? (Archived)
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UncleBen59201/7 5:49PM
Is Ferrothorn really regarded as ugly to the majority? (Archived)
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Sebas27271/7 5:47PM
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Need help deciding what to flood wonder trade with on saturday. (Poll)
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Metalgenesis161/7 5:46PM
quick qs about IVS (Archived)PokeMaster21171/7 5:42PM
Natural Cure Trevenant (Archived)
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TheMindGamer171/7 5:41PM
Should I breed a Porygon to have a "Silly" nature? (Archived)
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SmellyVonBeli131/7 5:39PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 28 - New Battle Mechanics (Poll)
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ThatKipp201/7 5:37PM
Am I missing something? (EV related) (Archived)keybladesrus41/7 5:36PM
Have you ever played someone so bad you just quit? (Archived)Thunder097101/7 5:36PM
Best moveset on a Jolly Tyranitar (Archived)vahkseen61/7 5:34PM
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Accidentally hatched a Modest Shiny Treecko! (Archived)Devin879101/7 5:32PM
Anyone else fairly adamant about only using pokemon that generated in Kalos? (Archived)CarefreeDude101/7 5:31PM
Tank pokemon (Archived)
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Hail_Berserk111/7 5:31PM
Shadow Smash on Porygon Z? (Archived)
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SmellyVonBeli151/7 5:31PM
New Game Rumor? (Archived)raymond200047681/7 5:30PM
Under the radar mons in Gen 6 OU (Archived)
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iKhan88541/7 5:30PM
Which pokemon do you guys think can suck the most (Archived)Ctbluejay71/7 5:30PM
Red star on status screen? (Archived)couchtater444481/7 5:29PM