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Anyone else like spinning Pokemon? (Archived)I_Wanna_Cookie62/6 4:47PM
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Has anyone here won any significant awards? (Archived)
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cgreenw412/6 4:42PM
So, I've heard you guys like battle replays with rage comments (Archived)
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ashrobb222/6 4:40PM
Nice! All my legit hacks got through. (Archived)
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SoraOwnsOctopus192/6 4:36PM
Yeah not too happy with Poke Transporter right now... (Archived)
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AuroraSonicBeam112/6 4:35PM
I got semi banned during poke tranporter, how long do I have to wait? (Archived)marioparty1732/6 4:32PM
PokeGTS problems (Archived)
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DrakJay122/6 4:30PM
In case anyone else was curious, non event Pokemon in Cherish balls transfer but (Archived)CrystalLink42/6 4:26PM
Staraptor Build/Spread? (Archived)SteelPunk80842/6 4:26PM
If I breed a shiny Gible and a Ditto........ (Archived)jbnoob62/6 4:25PM
I just hatched a shiny Tyrunt! Need moveset help, please! (Archived)Kyle_Clarthy92/6 4:25PM
Pokegen VS Pokemanager VS Pokebuilder (Archived)
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darktace182/6 4:23PM
[Bank] So I want to receive my Bank Celebi on X, AFTER restarting my game... (Archived)Chief_Frec72/6 4:21PM
how broken would this be? (Archived)Ballinari12/6 4:20PM
Can I pay for pokebank now? (Archived)
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minun73112/6 4:19PM
My friend claims pokebank only let him transfer ten pokemon (Archived)BoogieIsBack42/6 4:15PM
What happens if you don't pay the fee for poke bank (Archived)
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Cody8434162/6 4:15PM