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What's this I hear about confusing hack checks? (Archived)
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QuantumWolf192/6 8:39PM
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Apparantly Regice can eat. (Archived)
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RotomGuy3252/6 8:35PM
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What are some notable Egg Moves now available due to bank? (Archived)
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DKeygo152/6 8:26PM
Sheer Force Feraligatr go through bank? (Archived)wah54332/6 8:26PM
Some one should make or draw a picture of all the mold breakers in one pic!! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger232/6 8:24PM
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ITT Your Favourite Compatible Egg Parents (Archived)mushman12392/6 8:13PM
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Why haven't they updated Pokemon Radar? (Archived)
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Miggi3Fr3sh202/6 8:11PM
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List of items to steal with theif? (Archived)KingTGP42/6 8:04PM