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Your Reaction: Mega Evolutions are dropped in Gen 7, however.. (Archived)
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Best trick room pokemon for ou? (Archived)pcmike222/7/2014
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Durant ev spread? (Archived)Izaya_san12/7/2014
What sort of deoxys do you have? (Archived)LightningAce1152/7/2014
What set should I use for an Adamant Jirachi? (Archived)jakenlucas22/7/2014
Calm Celebi: 31/31/31/4/31/31 (Archived)
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Eviolite Rhydon (Archived)raymondsmith1572/7/2014
Even now, I'm still impressed with how well the battles flow. (Archived)The Fir Coat32/7/2014
Ability Rater Day 53: Skill Link (Poll)ssupermario9272/7/2014
Can stealth rock be bred? (Archived)LightningAce1142/7/2014
Fledgling Doubles Strategy, looking for completion advice (Archived)Inferno0562/7/2014
With a 6IV Ditto, breeding becomes a walk in the park (Archived)
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Rotom is a Legendary Pokemon. (Poll)
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Anyone got a shiny from the old pokemon that you didn't know until now? (Archived)Jamesccg22/7/2014
So Anti Hackers shot themselves in the foot right. (Archived)
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cloning/hacking (Archived)ieatfoodtoo12/7/2014
how do you get that new eevee evolve form? (Archived)DerekRoss22/7/2014
C/D: You park your character somewhere safe before turning off the game (Archived)
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Muslim chants in ghost girl room? (Archived)
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