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Why the Zygarde Hate? (Archived)
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nidoking147341/24 4:30PM
Pokecheck? (Archived)themacho141/24 4:30PM
28 days and no Pokebank (Archived)MozillaFennekin61/24 4:22PM
i don't understand people that D/C when they're on your friends list (Archived)Oreos7471/24 4:14PM
Would pokebank be tied to one save ? (Archived)Laughing_Cat41/24 4:11PM
Am i the only one who wants to cross dress? (Archived)
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2roxasandsora151/24 4:08PM
People should be thankful to cloners (Archived)Taiphlosion11/24 4:08PM
trading question: did i make the right choice (Archived)SpeedFreakJohn91/24 4:05PM
Trainer class artwork. (Archived)IngSlayer41/24 4:04PM
Who is the roughest when using Play Rough? (Poll)
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kclaujames261/24 4:03PM
I do not have my priorities straight in X/Y. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed81/24 3:53PM
No pokebank? (Archived)
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ManuKesna611/24 3:47PM
reason why hacked pokemon are better than breed ones (Archived)fakefire61/24 3:43PM
PokeBank Box 1? (Archived)XX_brawler_XX101/24 3:41PM
Tentacruel and/or Drapion EV spread and Moveset suggestions (Archived)
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nidoking147121/24 3:39PM
Pokemon rap ciphers (Archived)Zoramon08971/24 3:36PM
All problems with Genwunners summed up in one vid (Archived)
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Holy_Oblivion191/24 3:35PM
Help! Internet keeps disconnecting! (Archived)megasean300061/24 3:33PM
C/D gym leaders should be as difficult as Emerald's gym leaders (Archived)
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Aegislash7251/24 3:25PM
Best team to use to get fast wins in battle maison? (Archived)Oreos7491/24 3:20PM