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C/D: All of your pokemon made it through Pokebank. (Archived)Umitencho22/6 6:25AM
Your Reaction: We get Hoenn Sequels and FR/LG Remakes (Poll)
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Now that the pokebank is out, how many of you will stop breeding altogether? (Archived)vash52082/6 5:59AM
Can they really stop you from using pokebank completly if you use hacks? (Archived)RemixDeluxe72/6 5:54AM
Rate My Lucario? (Archived)FireMage777742/6 5:52AM
I guess the only way to obtain a Tyrogue with Drain Punch is per 5th gen tutor. (Archived)hodelino62/6 5:50AM
ITT: Your favorite shiny (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz272/6 5:48AM
A battle that was not so swag (Archived)Corlesslover3052/6 5:44AM
How do I battle with people online? (Archived)Straight_Cat52/6 5:37AM
Question about this and battery... (Archived)Bass_and_treble92/6 5:32AM
Do you think Pokemon Bank will be used for Gen. 7 in the future? (Poll)
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jakenlucas142/6 5:26AM
EU players showing off that they have pokebank (Archived)
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Kite_G252/6 5:23AM
Cheaters And Honest Players Unite! (Archived)
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metroidfan987192/6 5:21AM
Pokebank (Archived)Ichigo_Geass1532/6 5:18AM
Wow Sandshrew is so fat in X/Y (Archived)Aladdin255772/6 5:16AM
So if 2 3ds haave the same nintendo ID they acess the same pokebank? (Archived)chucho122492/6 5:05AM
Hydreigon moveset ideas? (Archived)Jmandal102/6 5:03AM