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Chaosheal112/6 7:02PM
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How much evs do I get? (Archived)Ilikewisconsin22/6 6:56PM
Has anyone here ever tried to raise a Togepi in-game? (Archived)
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the_cajun88122/6 6:54PM
so pokebank works for only half hacked pokemon (Archived)DarthVader13442/6 6:52PM
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Pokemon Amie is kind of terrifying. (Archived)
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SigmaSlash252/6 6:46PM
I now have a Latios and Latias in my game are they good? (Archived)tremain0732/6 6:44PM
Don't you just hate opponents like this? (Archived)Froakiebloke82/6 6:43PM
Question for people who use Pokegen/Pokedit (Archived)
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BubbleRev112/6 6:41PM
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Moveset for Lapras and Sharpedo? (Archived)vinhamon12/6 6:28PM
ever since pokebank (Archived)
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toothpiq212/6 6:27PM
Wow, I sound so bad in my first battle commentary. (Archived)pokemon2poker12/6 6:23PM