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Anyone tested transferring Pokemon with those special moves from Pokemon XD? (Archived)
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My Masuda Method Story! (Archived)Destrute92/7/2014
When you walk by a sign (Archived)thetuckingfypo42/7/2014
Nickname for Carbink! (Archived)
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Me and My Manaphy have again become one (Archived)Thaxagoodname52/7/2014
How do you set the favorite Pokemon on your profile? (Archived)bisonyesyes52/7/2014
"This Pokemon has relatively superior potential overall." (Archived)
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Metal Gear Raxis132/7/2014
error 006-0501 (Archived)crunchy61292/7/2014
C/D You have an emotional attachment to your Pokemon. (Archived)
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Breeding "Gen V Only" Moves (Archived)Chronicle222/7/2014
did anyone ever get a sheer force totodile through before patch? (Archived)toothpiq42/7/2014
I feel like I can't win a battle unless i'm using full OU's (Archived)
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Which item on Staraptor? (Archived)vinhamon22/7/2014
Looker should have a spinoff (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob102/7/2014
Pokemon bringing people together since 1996.. (Archived)JudgeMaster22/7/2014
What are the cheapest specific strategies in Pokemon? (Archived)pafbonk22/7/2014
is this celebi usable? ://// (Archived)cfeather72/7/2014
I cannot find Poke Transporter ANYWHERE (Archived)Thunder09772/7/2014
Now that Pokebank is out, which was your favorite meme? (Poll)
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Malva is Hot (Poll)
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