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No seasons this gen. Do you miss it? (Archived)mech dragon91/23 8:47PM
I'm an Idiot. (Archived)CookieMarvin71/23 8:44PM
I think I figured out what MissingNo. looks like behind the glitch graphics. (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric201/23 8:37PM
I miss topics that just waste time in a good, positive way. (Archived)FatReuniclus91/23 8:29PM
Grass is the worst type my ass. (Archived)
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Rikiaz431/23 8:27PM
What's your favourite surprise pokemon? (Archived)
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flamepelt151/23 8:24PM
Post stupid gfaq topics that will surface when Bank is out for us (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh81/23 8:24PM
Honedge perfect ivs (Archived)Turtdolla31/23 8:23PM
Game freak knows something (Archived)
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ppmelon52111/23 8:23PM
Best Lead for a Trick Room Team? (Archived)LitehawkWings81/23 8:22PM
After some work on the trade boards (Archived)360pages71/23 8:19PM
Will PerishTag MegaGengar see significant VGC use? (Archived)zelionx31/23 8:18PM
good wster/electric non banned legendaries? (Archived)WeaponXfactor21/23 8:12PM
Keen Eye or Inner Focus on Sneasel? (Archived)Devin87981/23 8:09PM
Do you hate me for using Belly Drum, Aqua Jet Azumarill? (Archived)
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kinode201/23 8:05PM
I REALLY hate balloon popping. (Archived)waterdeepchu21/23 8:04PM
I make teams not based off popularly used Pokemon. (Archived)
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sesshomaru_55111/23 8:02PM
Who's the best spinner. Avalug or cloyster. (Archived)
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Fidchel191/23 7:56PM
I wouldn't be so bothered if I knew why... (Archived)
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Chaos46290541/23 7:56PM
wait, can both nidorans make eggs of the other nidoran? (Archived)inTaCtfuL81/23 7:54PM