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Question About Chandelure (Archived)metroidfan98722/7/2014
Amie Bankmons! (Archived)
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Anybody know what blocks certain things on GTS? (Archived)NiimuraJun72/7/2014
Just when I though I was over how few new pokemon there were this gen (Archived)
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Nooooo!! (Archived)besty11142/7/2014
What would be the best Gary/Blue team? (Archived)aydosv72/7/2014
So Defog doesn't remove Sticky Web? (Archived)ShadowEspionage42/7/2014
Question about pokemon bank and stored pokemon (Archived)Saturn42/7/2014
I was bringing in Pokemon from the pokebank when I noticed my Pokedex was (Archived)
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Pokemon Bank has broken hack checks (Archived)
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ITT: Things you were totally wrong about (Archived)Faust_892/7/2014
So my Pokegen pokemon got past Pokebank but (Archived)metalboomario42/7/2014
Are the pokemon bank and transporter really this stupid? (Archived)
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OK, someone disprove this for me (Scizor counter?) (Archived)
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Any rotation battle veterans? (Archived)Shad0wer12/7/2014
Kalos bred pokemon? (Archived)Commander_Greil82/7/2014
So event legendary's are available thru bank but... (Archived)Gotenks121582/7/2014
IV judge's judging (Archived)Demonhacker122/7/2014
Were can i find two metal coats (Archived)heavyarmsjim3762/7/2014
Everyone's favorite Eviolite users? (Archived)
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