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Japanese hacks (Archived)
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jcatrambone94211/18 5:42PM
Question about pursuit? (Archived)mythic041/18 5:40PM
Just received a shiny ducklett from wonder trade. (Archived)dk210121/18 5:40PM
What's the GTS hierarchy? (Archived)Taiphlosion71/18 5:39PM
If you knew pokebank wasn't coming, would you have bought X/Y when you did? (Archived)
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Duthos451/18 5:33PM
So I have 3 fodder Xerneas/Yveltal (Archived)MrFingers0781/18 5:33PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 39 - Bug-types (Poll)
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ThatKipp301/18 5:32PM
Favorite 6th gen pokemon (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob221/18 5:32PM
Ideal Maison Super Doubles Chatelaine team (Archived)RAcastBlaster31/18 5:30PM
Souji has a neat image of Diantha up. (Archived)IngSlayer91/18 5:28PM
Please tell me Milotic evolves by Pokemon Amie Affection like Sylveon now! (Archived)
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waddict131/18 5:25PM
Trading with me (Archived)deadlyty21/18 5:25PM
So is Hyper Beam the most overused move in the anime? (Archived)
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IngSlayer171/18 5:25PM
What happens if you bring a Quick Feet Venipede into the game from Bank? (Archived)j_coat21/18 5:23PM
How does pursuit work in doubles? (Archived)TheSteelPhoenix51/18 5:22PM
Pokemon Moves Not To Use While In Bed (Archived)
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raymond2000476611/18 5:19PM
Predicting opponent's moves is so much fun! Lol moments inside (Archived)GirlHope61/18 5:19PM
Slurpuff? (Archived)enimagaK41/18 5:16PM
If any gym leader (ever) turned into a vampire and wanted yo' blood... (Archived)
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LAN_Shark181/18 5:12PM
Golurk can learn fly??? (Archived)
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Brewster123261/18 5:05PM