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oh damn, baton pass rapidash doesnt make it past transporter :( (Archived)crunchy61222/5 11:33PM
What signature moves have the best animations? (Archived)
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Emerald_Melios142/5 11:33PM
can someone help me evolve my kadabra? (Archived)
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Splinter_Within162/5 11:32PM
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Elektross has a pretty cool model (Archived)javel3442/5 11:20PM
Why aren't any of my HP Pokemon transferring? (Archived)
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tadashii18202/5 11:18PM
gts trolled me (Archived)honestlyaj22/5 11:15PM
So I can't transfer Contrary Serperior... (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform262/5 11:13PM
Bank fixes the stupid all Caps thing (Archived)helldew52/5 11:13PM
Can lvl 100 pokemon be EV trained? (Archived)YOSHI47562/5 11:08PM
I feel like I've been offered a small token with the hope that I'd put out (Archived)
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Reptobismol222/5 11:05PM
I don't think people understand what "legit" means. (Archived)
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Chaos46290182/5 11:03PM
Best Mega Pinsir Partner??? (Archived)lime1122052/5 11:01PM
Did Tepig get anything good this gen? (Archived)javel3482/5 10:59PM
Possible to get a Contrary Snivy through Poketransfer? (Archived)
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Tacoman561132/5 10:58PM
If i were to do a contest... (Archived)RyanDaRaikou32/5 10:53PM
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Do most people just Pokegen their legendaries with good iv's? (Archived)X-KID9052/5 10:43PM
how do i (Archived)cl0ud00732/5 10:43PM