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Online will officially go to **** with all the hackmons. (Archived)
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kinode652/5 2:01PM
>Please Help< ~.~ (Archived)ana_kitsune82/5 2:01PM
If I delete NNID, do i lose pre-NNID downloads? (Archived)AzureKite1822/5 2:00PM
What Pokemon do people want to see a giveaway of? (Archived)
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LegendofFantasy172/5 1:59PM
Poke transfer has weridest hack checks man... (Archived)inFAMOUSJakey82/5 1:59PM
Still no Bank on Mars; Nintendo clearly favours people of Earth (Archived)
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TheCorruptAngel132/5 1:58PM
Lol free battle (Archived)joey1122312/5 1:58PM
Mega Lati@s (Archived)
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Necroneroneko122/5 1:57PM
After its release, do you now understand the Pokebank delay? (Poll)bretonftw62/5 1:56PM
Is there a limit for when I can get Celebi until? (Archived)
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HakuMan111386152/5 1:56PM
Not evolving an Eevee (Archived)ActionButler62/5 1:55PM
Keldeo's Dex Entry (Archived)EggsEggsEggs72/5 1:54PM
What giant robot should Clemont's sister pilot (Archived)NME_Enterprises72/5 1:53PM
Poketransport is exhausting... (Archived)levyjl198822/5 1:53PM
question about pokegen (Archived)
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brown694112/5 1:53PM
Please Help! (Archived)lowleopard42/5 1:52PM
Is Mega Gengar any good on the battle spot? (Archived)
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UltraKangaskhan222/5 1:52PM
HP fighting or HP ground for chandelure this gen? (Archived)drlolimaster42/5 1:52PM
Wonder Trade is a lot more fun now. (Archived)BlindKenshi32652/5 1:51PM
Ummm...problematic Pokemon? (Archived)Numbuh10052/5 1:48PM