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What if there was Mega Ninetails and its ability was... (Archived)
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Volcarona should get the ability Simple (Archived)
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SprintXtel161/26 2:25PM
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YAY. My little bother bought Pokemon Y yesterday. (Archived)
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hodelino171/26 2:17PM
So Vaporeon and Sylveon are pretty much the same, right? (Archived)
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samescape191/26 2:11PM
Who has the worst gym in Johto? (Poll)
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davidledsma301/26 2:09PM
Who has the worst gym in Hoenn? (Poll)davidledsma101/26 2:08PM
What's the oldest pokemon you've owned ? (Archived)
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tremain07661/26 2:07PM
Why Blue Oak Is Not The Best Rival (Archived)
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TheCorruptAngel811/26 2:06PM
My friend refuses to give me back my Blastoise... (Archived)
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Diayamondo311/26 2:04PM
Do Sound-Based Moves Hit Behind Substitutes Now? (Archived)metroidfan987101/26 2:04PM
I hate stallish matches, yet can't bring myself to forfeit... 91 Turn battle: (Archived)Bugorchestra11/26 2:04PM
Even though thunder wave becomes a normal type, it still doesn't affect elec? (Archived)
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legendrider111/26 2:02PM
Jirachi should get Scald (Archived)XXHornDogXX101/26 2:01PM
I have a shiny aggron for whoever will let me borrow a 6IV dito to clone (Archived)Zaktakka31/26 2:01PM