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The Best Gym Leader of All Time - Poll #7: *FINALE* [New Years Showdown] (Poll)
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moneyman82701/7 9:59AM
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Building a battle maison team... (Archived)
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Dj15Blue316171/7 9:53AM
Manaphy Event distributions? (Archived)
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pmaster191/7 9:51AM
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Would you rather have Pokemon Z or Pokemon B.? (Poll)
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Battle Maison lv. 50 scaling & EV training (Archived)Hyaru1241/7 9:15AM
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Trading Bankmon for legends (Poll)
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Magmasta131/7 9:13AM
Energy Ball viable over Giga Drain now with the buff in power? (Archived)
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H-L-W121/7 9:08AM
These boards have made me greedy and stingy. (Archived)
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Sloth9230141/7 9:07AM
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RNG Breeding Help. (Archived)timirchand62471/7 9:02AM