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Sweet. Just bred a literally perfect defensive Growlithe. (Archived)Raltrios102/5 8:48PM
Have we all forgotten about the elephant in the room? (Archived)
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bfidle782/5 8:41PM
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4 hours for 2 leftover... (Archived)Kapuxa52/5 8:36PM
So is anyone going to play special anymore? (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark12/5 8:33PM
So, how long would a mass transfer take using Pokecheck? (Archived)squidgy61772/5 8:33PM
Finally, we understand (Archived)
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darkzero297122/5 8:32PM
I wana name my Victini (Archived)Dante204912/5 8:30PM
Whos A better trainer? Red Or The MC from D/P/P? (Poll)djmetal77782/5 8:29PM
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Knock Off or Pursuit for Scizor? (Archived)BurnedPotatoes62/5 8:28PM
I love this picture so much holy crap! XD (Archived)Chenmaster282/5 8:27PM
Is there any way to check Azumarill after it Belly Drums? (Archived)
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ColtCababa192/5 8:27PM