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Does the Ribbon Pokecheck adds prevent pokemon from going through the pokebank? (Archived)Puppyfaic22/5 6:21PM
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My suicune couldn't make it in. (Archived)
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ss4gogeta_dark112/5 6:16PM
How do you transfer a defog scyther from gen 4 to 5? (Archived)Xavuu72/5 6:16PM
cant find pokebank in Nintendo Store. (Archived)giosclone42/5 6:15PM
They should make that old Gen I Hyper Beam bug an actual feature of its clones (Archived)
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Shigmiya64132/5 6:15PM
Just got a shiny tentacool off of wonder trade! (Archived)gavinlee99982/5 6:15PM
Lapras ev spread and moveset? (Archived)vinhamon12/5 6:14PM
Ampharos won't transfer to Pokebank? (Archived)
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Tacoman561302/5 6:13PM
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Porygon2 vs. PorygonZ (Poll)Mobile_Platform62/5 6:11PM
Just stop... (Archived)
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ssyl9132/5 6:11PM
Can pokemon illegal through BW but legal in XY get through Pokebank? (Archived)BR0DE042/5 6:11PM
Legal Hacks pass through with ease (Archived)mrvlrdr10152/5 6:10PM
Pokebank Error Code: 006-0112 (Archived)Geraun42/5 6:09PM
I'm going to wonder trade my Gen III Swampert I have had since 2003 (Archived)
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oOo_SOX_oOo142/5 6:08PM
"this is a special pokemon , you can't trade it" (Archived)Plasmashedgehog52/5 6:06PM