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My clairvoyance notified me that Nintendo... (Archived)Thaxagoodname31/5 12:57AM
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I'm sure we've all fantasized about being a trainer before... (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform221/5 12:51AM
What are the odds of getting a flawless 5 iv xerneas? (Archived)
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Zerocrossings161/5 12:51AM
I'm an idiot (Archived)
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bwebber17151/5 12:49AM
Just a breeding question (Archived)josking51/5 12:48AM
I can't find a Skill Link Cinccino in the Safari (Archived)
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navi854161/5 12:47AM
How'd I do for my 4th OU battle? (Archived)
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XShadowStrike99111/5 12:40AM
I see why some people are so hasty in setting up stealth rock. (Archived)GloryChaos31/5 12:35AM
So, someone challenged me to a fight on the game pack i use for cloning (Archived)CarefreeDude71/5 12:32AM
GTS is one thing that will continue to amuse me. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed71/5 12:20AM
Good users of Assault Vest? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone941/5 12:08AM
Noivern should have been Dragon/Normal with Levitate (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh21/5 12:02AM
What's a good water team? (Archived)TkShot21/5 12:02AM
Garbodor Poke Village (Archived)Rydis-Shiko31/5 12:02AM
More Showdown Fun.. (Archived)TG_Wolf101/5 12:02AM
how long does it take to pass pokerus? (Archived)Ray555541/5 12:01AM
List your favorite sets~ (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone581/5 12:00AM