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Are any pokemon NOT available on GTS or by trading? (Archived)Gyrtohorea32/6/2014
Is the GOLD trainer card really the max one? (Archived)Kapuxa42/6/2014
ITT: We post funny Pokemon-related pics (Archived)
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YRW: Paid cosplay (Trainer + Pokemon) DLCs are announced for X/Y's sequel (Archived)SorceressTharja22/6/2014
How's my Cowboy Bebop team? (Archived)FireCloud3722/6/2014
Staraptor is now the most-BL'd Pokemon (Poll)SorceressTharja62/6/2014
Masuda method indirect shiny (Archived)
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I wish Masquerain kept the Bug / Water typing...such a unique typing... (Archived)legendrider42/6/2014
latios moveset? (Archived)Fidchel22/6/2014
Just curious, what's the best nature for Bagon? (Archived)
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Let's try and compile every legal thing Pokebank isn't letting through. (Archived)SalsaSavant102/6/2014
glad to help out! (Archived)invaderofdark32/6/2014
2 Shiny Latios on GTS for Celebi. (Archived)Darkdemon891072/6/2014
Whats the best item for Dancing Moth? (Archived)Hydreigoon42/6/2014
Wifi battles are so boring (Archived)
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Lumineon appreciation topic (Archived)SalsaSavant52/6/2014
Pros and cons to hacking versus being 100% legit for the completionists (Archived)
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I like this game (Archived)HHDeception32/6/2014
The match has been forfeited?! (Archived)moltres_rider82/6/2014
Does the free 30 day trial include the pokemon transfer app? (Archived)calender6862/6/2014