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So... is it possible for someone to bypass the hack check? (Archived)
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TwilightRaver122/5 10:53AM
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If your pokemon won't pass and its not move related (Archived)ss4gogeta_dark12/5 10:52AM
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No touch screen navigating Bank? (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh32/5 10:45AM
Let's be honest. (Archived)gxmaster12/5 10:41AM
What is the deal (Archived)Zack1825732/5 10:39AM
I have a question about Gen V breeding (Archived)SteelPunk80842/5 10:39AM
Do you take your time? (Poll)
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DemonicChaosXX142/5 10:36AM
Does anyone on here have a compiled list of the all notable Bank exclusive move? (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z42/5 10:35AM
Is it possible to move Pokemon in group in the bank? (Archived)endgel52/5 10:35AM
What should i breed next (Archived)-DaddyWarbucks-72/5 10:34AM
Please, I need guidance on my team. (Archived)
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chips_528132/5 10:33AM
Timid or Modest Glaceon? (Archived)Person422/5 10:32AM
I don't think this hack check thing works very well (Archived)euklb42/5 10:31AM
Downloading bank (Archived)Xerathyn12/5 10:30AM
Dunno if I should ask here or trade board, but need help evolving haunter. :) (Archived)Zanimar102/5 10:27AM