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Thread for those who did not get a good celebi..... (Archived)
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I think I got a really good celebi but I have no clue (Archived)ShinyMegaTauros62/6/2014
Idea for a New Pokemon Game (Archived)lime1122052/6/2014
If I want to start a new game and keep all my stuff, can Bank do that? (Archived)iammaxhailme22/6/2014
I have a Bulbasaur that I hatched that has Chlorophyll. (Archived)Chef_Excellence22/6/2014
Pokemon X-2 is released... (Archived)OtherVulpe82/6/2014
*suspects Weakness Policy Dragonite* (Archived)
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Warning: DON'T use the wireless switch during Pokebank or Transporter. (Archived)
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That's what I get for playing how I would online. (Archived)jerralmw12/6/2014
Check My Hax Yo.. (Archived)TG_Wolf22/6/2014
Y'know, i've grown endeared to Swampert's new cry. (Archived)crunchy61212/6/2014
Just overwrote Superpower from my transferred Scizor and can't get it again. (Archived)
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I love how Bug Buzz is a sound move that passes through substitute (Archived)HHDeception42/6/2014
Question about Poketransfer (Archived)srzg32/6/2014
Are there any good past generation transfer moves for Mega Mawile? (Archived)TheSnubbz72/6/2014
Sturdy weakness policy Golem with rock polish (Archived)javel34102/6/2014
Will Lucario be able to stay in OU when (if) lucarionite is banned? (Archived)Taiphlosion62/6/2014
This Xerneas worth keeping or...? (Archived)pikapikasalsh62/6/2014
Rate my team (Archived)CrystalKing542642/6/2014
Ideal item for Unburden Sceptile (Archived)ZX_Cloud62/6/2014