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Is pokemon real life? (Poll)
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bankaidragon201/14 3:54PM
Swalot is beast (Archived)GirlHope21/14 3:48PM
So when should mystery gift go live? (Archived)wolfwing91/14 3:44PM
If I format my SD Card, will the Pokemon file it deletes affect anything? (Archived)PsychoDantis101/14 3:42PM
Anyone dislike the X/Y Anime? (Archived)
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Mikokiri291/14 3:41PM
Remember when Brock grabbed ash and ash screamed? (Archived)LightningAce11101/14 3:39PM
How much money you are willing to pay to get Pokebank right now? (Archived)
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Pupu27431/14 3:37PM
Why does it make sense that.. (Archived)FizzyFloat31/14 3:34PM
So, is it absolutely neccesary for a sub+cm mimagius to have HP fighting? (Archived)drlolimaster11/14 3:29PM
So is Alakazam worth using this gen? (Archived)Blackcat012331/14 3:22PM
What to use for a last move on non-Pokebank Scizor? (Archived)LagoonTheCursed41/14 3:21PM
YR: Horde battles as a format for online battles (Archived)Zargerth41/14 3:17PM
This PokeBank nonsense is getting ridiculous. (Archived)
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SomeLikeItHoth5001/14 3:17PM
Whats happens when you give Spinda alcohol? (Archived)Kraven_XRLKB81/14 3:16PM
Finally caught my first shiny in the friend safari (Archived)
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Obeyy00111/14 3:14PM
Hidden Abilities? (Archived)Kingdomcrossing61/14 3:12PM
Why is it so hard to breed a pokemon with (Archived)Kraven_XRLKB71/14 3:11PM
Since 1999 (Archived)
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dr_sub_lime121/14 3:10PM
sweep time (Archived)sahilmohammad11/14 3:10PM
Create a move (Archived)
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shadowreaper7291/14 3:07PM