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Traded a Vivillon for a Rayquaza on the GTS! :D (Archived)Relm_Arrowny_8751/24 5:23AM
I want Pokemon Bank RIGHT NOW. (Archived)PhantasmShot61/24 5:23AM
Breeding Gravelers, Machokes, Haunters, Boldores, Gurrdurrs... (Archived)Safari_Dude71/24 5:22AM
Looking for nickname aid. (Archived)
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Cornholioam251/24 5:11AM
So did gamefreak really state why they didn't allow item transfers in the bank? (Archived)
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Houle111/24 5:09AM
Hello Kitty and My Melody would be a great Pokemon (Archived)fedartz31/24 5:08AM
Can't name my Jigglypuff "Bible Thump". (Archived)
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100Dumplings161/24 4:53AM
4th move for non-Rapid Spin Excadrill? (Archived)KazeRonin35751/24 4:51AM
Mai First Showdown Battle (Archived)metroidfan98711/24 4:20AM
Finding items after battles? (Archived)Domino17171741/24 3:59AM
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Youtubers and banned pokemon talk (Archived)shadowreaper731/24 3:46AM
Does Berry Juice technically count as a berry (for Harvest) (Archived)Ryo_Hayakawa21/24 3:43AM
the Inbreeding is strong this gen (Archived)
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Shikazure131/24 3:27AM
aegislash nature? (Archived)
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sid94976261/24 3:12AM
Wild encounter items (Archived)Pikachu22271/24 3:07AM
...Seriously Nintendo? (Archived)
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bfidle231/24 3:03AM
I was breeding Skiddo (Archived)wind64a61/24 3:03AM
LOL, the Butthurt was strong with this match (troll key) (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys71/24 3:00AM
Why can't i breed gastrodon with clear smog? (Archived)theunlimitedg371/24 2:56AM