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Gen 3-5 Legendaries/Events worth anything?? (Archived)luigisp22/6/2014
Anyone else having trouble with pokegts? (Archived)sahilmohammad62/6/2014
Wasn't there a guy that wanted to see your dex? (Archived)RegalPlague52/6/2014
I just realized one unintended consequence of the bank. ID-Lotto masterballs (Archived)
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Where are the hard to find pokemon?? (Archived)TheResidentEvil72/6/2014
If I only use pokemon I have hatched myself in Kalos (Archived)SpoonMan5432112/6/2014
IV breeding question (Archived)SergeantJamjars42/6/2014
So, now that we have Bank, what do you think GF/Nintendo will screw up this time (Archived)Hydreigoon22/6/2014
if i create a new game............. (Archived)BronyBeat52/6/2014
WT Post-Bank (Archived)
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It pains me to see when... (Archived)ColtCababa82/6/2014
Ruby 2 and Sapphire 2 would be better than remakes (Archived)
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Isiah Zombie412/6/2014
is it possible to get eevee in anything other than a pokeball? (Archived)
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Just caught my first shiny! (Archived)InnerSolace102/6/2014
pokegts question (Archived)jucaa82/6/2014
Anyone have a list of must have MT moves? (Archived)Relient_K72/6/2014
Poke Transporter -- Does it change the Pokemon's date? (Archived)RayCRP72/6/2014
Alaconfusion (Archived)TableFlip62/6/2014
3 members of my shiny team down (Archived)clayton112362/6/2014
I'm retiring from pokemon (Archived)
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