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Diggersby Investment HP or Speed? (Archived)
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My Birthday was on Pokebank's release, so..... (Archived)TheEpicBro32/6/2014
Shiny charm with MM ? (Archived)ArcXenos92/6/2014
How much is Pokemon Bank a year? (Archived)HakuMan11138652/6/2014
Question about breeding/egg moves (Archived)CornishGhost52/6/2014
Why is it that Pokebank needs to connect to the internet in the first place? (Archived)PraetorianGhost72/6/2014
The pokebank word filter is a real piece of work... (Archived)kabigon2072/6/2014
Don't forget to let your Pokemon hold good items when you put them in Pokebank (Archived)
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So it's decided. (Archived)
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Super Training Dusk Stone (Archived)DemiseEnd22/6/2014
How long did it take you to find your best breeding Ditto on FS? (Archived)
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Need nicknames for... (Archived)shadowreaper712/6/2014
Quickest way to undo the ev training on a pokemon? (Archived)Microwave_Oven52/6/2014
Another Battle Maison team thread (Archived)Nightcrawler6542/6/2014
Suppose a new "tech" feature is added in a future installment of the series. (Poll)
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Today in Pokemon! (Archived)Brandon04248712/6/2014
wtf did i just watch? (Archived)Painkiller00612/6/2014
Liepard breeding, please help me! (Archived)Klassen39842/6/2014
Which pokemon is the personification of a moray eel? (Archived)
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Weird glitch? (Archived)
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