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Breaking news: poke bank is available. (Archived)
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UsernamesRlame142/5 9:40AM
Can you move all the pokemon in the transfer box at once? (Archived)Holy_Oblivion32/5 9:39AM
umm, my trial is already over? what???? (Archived)RealTides22/5 9:38AM
FINALLY WE UNDERSTAND! (caps) (Archived)Chaos4629052/5 9:37AM
Pokebank available in NA after waiting (Archived)S_Chrono12/5 9:37AM
It's been 40 days... (Archived)KrisIsLyra32/5 9:36AM
Keldeo IV's (Archived)BlueAlchem1st22/5 9:33AM
My Celebi is Sassy with HP/SPDEF/SPD. (Archived)vermillion71962/5 9:33AM
Whats going to happen to the pokeeconomy? (Archived)TommyEmpoleon52/5 9:33AM
If a Pokemon hates its owner enough, can it leave? (Archived)TooManyVowels62/5 9:33AM
Is there a way to add less than $10 funds for Bank? (Archived)Inferno0542/5 9:32AM
Good scarfer in 3v3 singles? (Archived)kadabrium12/5 9:31AM
I haven't seen a Pokebank topic here for like a day (Archived)PhantasmShot32/5 9:29AM
Finally! (Archived)FryDays500082/5 9:29AM
So, post Bank, how are we now all doing for Pokedex completion stats? (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords232/5 9:29AM
Oh hey bank is up (Archived)Hydreigoon62/5 9:28AM
Now that bank is out for everyone now (I think) trading/battles gonna be tough.. (Archived)legendrider72/5 9:26AM
Thundurus / Landourus are ****ing annoying. (Archived)Judgmenl62/5 9:21AM
Wonder trading is the best thing to happen for lazy mofos like me (Archived)Holy_Oblivion22/5 9:21AM
You CAN add credit! (Archived)Jesushazluv32/5 9:16AM