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What should I breed topic number two *SETS IN FIRST POST* (Poll)LagoonTheCursed91/29 5:45AM
how in the world can Feraligatr learn dragon dance? (Archived)
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WeaponXfactor211/29 5:40AM
I regret picking Froakie as my starter!@#$ =( (Archived)
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Ronteque111/29 5:34AM
The good thing about the current state of the trade board... (Archived)SuprSaiyanRockr31/29 5:31AM
Ditto is getting on my nerves. (Archived)
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TheGreatThonA131/29 5:22AM
Wish the other starters got megas too.. (Archived)Hydreigoon81/29 5:12AM
Hear me out (Archived)theChief1051/29 5:03AM
Can you tickle your own Pokemon in a double battle? (Archived)antiheroforhire51/29 5:02AM
I wondered why the camera angle for Feraligatr in battle was so weird (Archived)LagoonTheCursed31/29 5:01AM
How different would things be if Fairy had another two Weaknesses (Archived)GilgameshSwords81/29 4:56AM
Is it weird? (Archived)infernopro71/29 4:46AM
Is it me? (Archived)kagenoronin8711/29 4:18AM
What Pokemon, excluding legendaries and starters, are not available in this game (Archived)LightningAce1141/29 4:13AM
Would someone tell me where I can find the official tier list & NOT SMOGON. (Archived)
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SageKabuto131/29 4:12AM
Is pokemon Nintendo's most hardcore series? (Poll)
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NoJobBob431/29 4:10AM
Playing pokemon drunk/stoned. (Archived)
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Windyligth261/29 3:25AM
So I just fought a Baton Passer with Scolipede. I let him do what he wanted... (Archived)SageKabuto91/29 3:22AM
Pokemon to add to this (small) team? (Archived)nonty96zie21/29 3:13AM
Finally hatched my shiny zorua!!! (Archived)a301i91/29 2:43AM
Was rain the king of OU last gen? (Archived)LightningAce1131/29 2:40AM