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I'm preparing a team to make my friend cry. How does it look? (Archived)aburame1382/6/2014
how come sometimes i take life orb recoil (Archived)bobdylogno532/6/2014
how would you respond if nintendo had a server crash and all your pokemon were (Archived)
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My carracosta didn't make the cut (Archived)vogymaan82/6/2014
Copies of LEGIT Pokemon obtained from will go through Bank. (Archived)Pictocheat42/6/2014
What do people think of Acrobatics on Mega Scizor? (Archived)Hierarchy22542/6/2014
Shadow Sneak or HP Ghost on my Greninja? (Archived)MechaKirby52/6/2014
Breeding disqualified? (Archived)BossIceCold32/6/2014
I'm the only who thinks the hack checker is actually pretty good? (Archived)
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After moving all my pokemon through the bank, wondering which ones are legit... (Archived)
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Whats the chance of this being legit? (Archived)
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C/D: All of your pokemon made it through Pokebank. (Archived)Umitencho22/6/2014
Your Reaction: We get Hoenn Sequels and FR/LG Remakes (Poll)
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Nickname for a Mantine (Archived)archie4422/6/2014
Have a Happy Birthday Mewtwo! (Archived)SalsaSavant42/6/2014
anyone else getting dc's with passerby battles? (Archived)NintendoBoy25952/6/2014
Now that the pokebank is out, how many of you will stop breeding altogether? (Archived)vash52082/6/2014
Can they really stop you from using pokebank completly if you use hacks? (Archived)RemixDeluxe72/6/2014
Rate My Lucario? (Archived)FireMage777742/6/2014
I guess the only way to obtain a Tyrogue with Drain Punch is per 5th gen tutor. (Archived)hodelino62/6/2014