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Is a Dragonite without a IV in attack useless competitively? (Archived)Classic02652/4 8:12AM
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Pokebank: A message from US to EU (Archived)
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Zero6798232/4 8:09AM
PokeBank, Pokemiles and BP (Archived)xyzman12/4 8:06AM
How can I tell that I can play US-NTSC with my 3DS? (Archived)NoisyPepper12/4 8:05AM
High level troll move. (GTS Related) (Archived)Alty1102/4 8:04AM
Keeping Blazikenite and Pokebank (Archived)Heretic_Teddie62/4 8:02AM
Don't know if it's been mentioned, but this kinda bugged me. (Not Pokebank) (Archived)C_Dub772/4 8:02AM revamp (Archived)Estheimaster32/4 8:01AM
WOW now POKEDIT has too much traffic, everyone uses it & I can't send mine (Archived)SageKabuto42/4 8:00AM
And NA still doesn't have pokebank. (Archived)
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R-A-V702/4 7:53AM
best way to teach Smeargle moves? (Archived)gotrdid909062/4 7:51AM
Remember the guy who claimed Gamestop said Bank would be out on Feb 4th? (Archived)
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Random_Dawn_14122/4 7:41AM
Congrats Europe. (Archived)Sakurafanboy22/4 7:40AM
They should shut down the EU Pokebank servers until a week after NA gets them (Archived)
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___Darklit___312/4 7:34AM
Dear Fairy-Types... (Archived)
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hodelino442/4 7:34AM
Those who MM, do you stop once you get a shiny or until the IVs/Gender you need? (Archived)Hydreigoon82/4 7:33AM
I hate level 1 Aron so much... (Archived)Dj15Blue31612/4 7:32AM
Gen'd Pokemons going through Pokebank? (Archived)
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Numbuh100122/4 7:32AM